2019 Toyota Tundra South East - Deal or Wait?

This is the information that the dealership sent me in email.

It’s a 2019 Tundra Platinum 4x4 5.5’ bed with a 5.7 V8
Money Factor: .76
Rate: .00176

12k miles/36 months Lease for the Platinum:
$498 a month w/ the first payment of $498 down
Residual: $38,664.00
Base $50,530.00
Options (tint & nitro) $3,214.00
Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $1,395.00

MSRP $55,139.0

They called me again today and said the incentives were changing tomorrow but they would still honor the $498 per month. I haven’t quite gotten exactly the breakdown between rebates and dealership discount but i’ll find that out before I drive up there tomorrow to test drive it and see if there is more wiggle room.

I feel like the options can be taken off or haggled away but I have yet to try with them over email/phone.

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Not good enough. I’ve been quoted 497 on a 4x4 LTD Crewmax with 24m/20k a year. Taxes and all.

It’s a 2019 Tundra Platinum 4x4 5.5’ bed with a 5.7 V8
In my haste I forgot to put the exact model. I’ll edit it in but this is what it is.

Have you checked out the deals here through the Philly broker?

I flew in and drove it back 2 weeks ago

49k MSRP

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