2019 Toyota Highlander


What percentage discount should I try for on this previous year’s model? The dealer currently has about 80 on their lot still.

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You can get 20% with incentives that every one qualifys for just reach out to @Jrouleau426 the dealer he deals with is located in Philadelphia so not too far from you it’s worth it to get a great deal and not have to deal with dealers I attached his link below

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Thanks for responding

No problem happy New Years :confetti_ball:

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Hey mike I can get you pricing tomorrow when new incentives come out.

Shoot me a text


Jrouleau426 -
Can you do anything that could ship to New Orleans.
I am looking for a white XLE w/ tan leather interior if possible.

thank you

Text me…

Hi James,
I’ve got 1 or 2 lease payments left on my old Highlander Limited and am considering getting into a 2019 lease. Either Limited or Limited platinum (moreso the Limited).

Any updates on pricing?
I’m over in Ohio.

Thanks in advance!