2019 Toyota Highlander XLE Lease Noob

Hello Everyone,

My wife has a 2017 CX-5 and although it has been good to us, its a tad underpowered here in the hills of PA. I am thinking about leasing her a 2019 Highlander. I have never leased before but she only drives about 8k miles to work for the year. I am probably going to do a 12K lease.

Anyways the dealers in PA suck pretty bad. I haven’t gotten more than a 8 or 9% discount off MSRP. My MF is 0.00070 and residual is 61% which is pretty good. Should I still try to shop around and lease the 2019 or say screw it and wait for the 2020 now?


I can get 21% off msrp for sales in PA. Lease is 14% off.

For 36/10 in pa I’m at 382/mo tax tags fees inc

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What part of PA are you located at? I am north of Pittsburgh.

Residuals are stronger on the Toyota, but you might want to take a look at the newest CX-5 with the turbo. It’s quite a bit stronger, more than 100 ft-lb more than your 2017. No affiliation, we have a Mazda6 with that engine. It’s very nice.
Good luck!

Cx5 with a turbo is pretty tough for a good lease deal with the higher MF compared to non turbo ones. Definitely a big upgrade in performance over the standard cx5 engine though :+1:

Yeah! My uncle got one with the turbo. It rocks!! Main reason is because of the little baby we just had. Need some more room!!! They come with baggage lol. My wife is a big fan of the blizzard pearl paint on those Highlanders.

Highlanders are great for kiddos etc. just my 2 cents but they are really good buys bs leases esp at the deals Jrouleau426 is posting. We have a 2015 Highlander hybrid and honestly it’s getting better every year. It’s like a very middle of the road wine that you try to enhance by keeping it longer. Honestly it’ll go 200k before any major work is needed. Only thing to add is that the room behind the 3rd row is not great. So just a heads up if you’re planning to haul the in-laws, your wife, the kiddo and a bunch of kid stuff regularly.

You might be able to get a better deal on a CX-9 than the CX-5. They have some purchase incentives on those (maybe some lease too?), and there is considerable overlap in price between the CX-5 and CX-9, depending on trim level. All of the CX-9 have the good engine.
I’ve been looking at Toyota also, but we’ve been very happy with the Mazda’s lately.
There’s a lot more Toyotas out there, and maybe a broker can get you a screaming deal. I’ve been looking at some of their listings.

Thanks Jim! I texted you later tonight. I appologize for that. Was on baby duty and phone was out of reach until later haha.

Expand your radius a bit… 21%+ off msrp is easily done in an outgoing year model specially now