2019 Toyota Highlander SE - Nightshade Edition 363/month+tax 32k miles remaining 32 months

please lock as this vehicle is no longer available

looks like a great deal

Unless you eat some costs or discount there is not much love since xle are offered from 289- 319 + tax by various brokers i ln this site .

Xle isn’t as loaded and doesn’t have captains chairs in the second row. Also, brokers prices are w msd

captain rows are definitely available for 319+tax, its upto you i’m not here to tell you anything you might not know.

but for sure paying 500 for transfer + montlhy payment your asking most of them will figure out u can lease a new one without any hassle.

also apart from led lights and bigger rims there is not much difference

I have not seen many being offered in Seattle, WA region. What is being offered at that price is from East cost, so you have to factor in shipping and broker fee also.

Xle most certainly has a captain chair option at no cost. Also my xle for $319+ tax tags doesn’t include msds.

His price is good for an Se. especially for the pacific nw

Also this is in PNW where Toyota deals are not as strong.

MSRP is low

This looks like a FWD option

No MSDs available this month

MF is .00003

Is this a FWD?

No it’s awd

Are you sure that’s the MSRP

Sorry it’s actually 44.5

Much better!

I would be interested in this car. I am located in Portland, OR.

Is the vehicle still available?