2019 Toyota Camry SE - $267 per month in Seattle - Please Advice

The details I have are as following:

2019 Camry SE - Standard model
MSRP - $26,539 from dealer’s website
Payment - $267 + Tax
Drive off - First month + Tabs
Term - 36 /12

The dealer is not willing to provide any worksheet or numbers. He claims that the price is very competitive and he is not going to ask his manager for details until I am there. I know it’s not a good idea to go in, but the $267 payment seems very competitive in Seattle area. What do you guys think?
Also, is it true that Toyota’s drive off is determined by TFS, and can’t be negotiated?

Thank you. Any advice is appreciated.

Everything can be negotiated.
Salespersons scared you’re going to shop the quote hence the reason for not wanting to give you more details which I find it shady.
Shop around with a few other Toyota dealers.
TFS does not determine the drive-offs.
Drive offs is basically your first month’s payment, registration, taxes (which depends on the state you’re in).

Totally agreed. It’s shady as hell. I told him the same thing too. He just won’t provide a worksheet.
I’ve been shopping around, and this monthly seems decent enough in Seattle market.
Registration, doc fee, acquisition are rolled in.
Thanks for the info.

If you google “2019 Toyota Camry leasing factors” you can get the MF and RV from Edmunds for the make and model and zip code you are looking at. You can back into the selling price and be prepared when you are at the dealership. This way you know they are not pulling the wool over your eyes.

acc to cody’s sheet (note: California), the RV is 55% (for 12k miles) and the MF is 0.00006. His driveoff is 627 and the monthly is 253 + tax. Not directly comparable to seattle but a good metric for you; as always, market factors dictate local pricing.

so, 267 + tax does seem like a decent deal. Isn’t tax over 10%?