2019 Tacoma Off Road 6MT $274/month

2019 Tacoma Off Road 6MT, Quicksand

**MSRP: $37052
**Selling Price: $33227
**Monthly Payment: $274 (includes all fees and taxes minus $56)
**Cash Due at Signing: $330 (includes first month payment, $274 + $56)
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: $1000 ally financial lease cash + dealer discount

Leased through Ally Financial (no disposition fee and GAP included)

**Annual Mileage:12K
**MF: no idea but high
**Residual: not sure but in the low/mid 80%

**Leasehackr Score: ?


Low/Mid 80s on a 36 month residual?

crazy, but yes. that’s why the monthly payment is beyond reasonable

Still seems a little high. My TRD MSRP was a little higher at $38,XXX with a sale price of $34,XXX. My lease ended up being $215 a month all in with nothing down. That’s for 24 months 12K miles a year.

Wow, great deal!

Was it through Ally, Toyota, US Bank, or other bank?

If you got it through Ally then I got screwed with MF by dealer because your purchase price is higher than mine.

I know the 24/12 was cheaper to do, but I went 36/12. Ally MF is sky high and considering GAP is included, not a bad deal.

I didn’t go through US Bank b/c of some horror stories at turn-in.


I agree…a tad high. Mine was $40,xxx MSRP and on a 24/10 with just first and tags it was $198 plus FL tax ($211.xx total). If it was a manual trans, the payment would have been much lower (as the residual is ~3% higher on manual versus auto).

What is humorous on these Taco leases is that the sales price and the residual value are almost exactly the same. If my sales price was $100 lower, Id have had to have bought some small accessories to get the price above the residual!


I need to edit my reply…your deal didn’t include MSDs. As such, your payment is better than it appears (when compared to MSD leases). I believe 9 MSDs dropped my payment something like $50/mo. The return was off the charts (30%+), so I couldn’t not do it.

I agree safehnnys723. Id have a hard time signing a US Bank lease as well.

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Check you own insurance for gap as a comparison. You may be surprised how cheap it is to add! Mine was $2.84 per 6 months for a 2019 Taco. My lease is through Toyota Financial where gap is not included.

Got mine at Ganley in Akron.

Hi @safeahnys73,

Could you send me a sanitized version of your lease? I’m contacting the dealers in my area (CA) and getting resistance. The best message so far is “Sorry to tell you those are not Toyota lease standards and we don’t match such imaginary offers.”

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Contact @Cody_Carter and end the brain damage!


@goodleasedeals where did you find a deal like that? 24/12 $215 no down sounds fantastic

it’s $274. ganley toyota akron oh

Programs are much different now than they were in July, I wouldn’t go in there expecting an exact replication.

I can get you a premium manual offrd for the same price. Just need msds

I got mine in late May 2019 through Ally.

Minimal haggling. I think I could have done it for $250 in hindsight with other deals I’ve seen here. I should’ve done 24/12 instead of 36/12. Maybe I’ll have to replace tires. I bet you can do this deal anywhere/anytime.


how much without MSDs and where are you located?

reference original post, ally financial, not toyota financial therefore non msd possible.