2019 Tacoma headache

So I negotiated a 2019 Tacoma price and was ready to lease, got the MF (0.00217 and the residual (81%) and then when the lease docs came through, the cost of the vehicle went up $1400 because I “can’t use the manufacturer rebate with the incentivized MF”).

Further, they wouldn’t let me do MSDs or a one-pay lease on the incentivized MF.

There options were to take the rebate on the 0.00290 MF and then I could do the one-pay.

Is this legit, or should I just try another dealer?

What is the base MF supposed to be?

.00217 is the incentivized one, .00290 is supposedly the non-incentivized one. before any MSDs or one-pay adjustments.

I’m in 80228.

Based on edmunds numbers or what the dealer is telling you?

I’ve never heard of incentived MF like this. It seems much more likely that there’s a 0.00217 buy rate MF and the dealer is marking it up to .00290 calling it non-incentivized.

Edit: I’m wrong regarding the incentivized MF, although the dealer here is marking up the buy rate.

The dealer is telling me the “incentivized MF” stuff, edmunds confirmed the .00217.

In my mind, I should be able to get all rebates, do a one pay to get a MF of .00117 and call it a day but apparently not.

Skrrrrrt over to the next dealership. Don’t give them business.

As expected, the dealer is full of shit. I’d kindly tell them to pound sand and move on.

So it is true I should be able to get full rebates and grab the .00117 MF on a one-pay?

I don’t personally know the knock down on Toyota’s for one pay, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to apply it to the buy rate, nor should the incentives not apply.

There is an incentivized MF or standard Rate. You can pick the rebate and standard or just incentivized.

But yes you can do one pay on incentivized but it’s probably cheaper to do standard and rebate.

TFS national buy rate is .0027

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So just to confirm, take the national buy rate, with the rebates, less the one-pay discount of -.001.

So it should be a MF of .0017 or so

Correct. If they do it at buy rate.

Well, I stand corrected

It’s been talked about on here before, remember search is your friend. Hopefully you shopped every dealer in town and for a decent discount. I think edmunds would have cleared this up too. Subvented/incentived rates are fairly common, take the rate lose the cash(more common with volume brands). You can always ask the dealer to show the sheet with the rates, if they’re honest they’ll just show you. Cody is the man though for Toyota info


yeah sorry I tried seraching but get lost in the big threads.

Since not many Colorado/Denver deals are posted, throw your numbers up, help out fellow hackrs