2019 T6 XC90 R Design

Hi I’m looking for a white Xc90 T6 R Design with Air Suspension, Bowers & Wilkins sound, Advanced Package and 22” wheels.

Went to MV Volvo today and they tried to sign me up with a $1000+ lease and we walked out.

Any suggestions?

Before the hitlers come out… would need to see your entire deal…


Contact Tony Tehrani at Culver City

After looking on here i knew it was a bad deal so I left. Didn’t get the specifics

Can I tell him who referred me?

I left him a message that a Bobby wants the car you described and will be calling him.

Thank you!

I’ll take two

Do the Volvo guys have much wiggle room? I am thinking about an XC60 T5 Inscription with pilot assist but reading here about tarrifs and lack of Volvo promos… I don’t think it’ll happen at a hackr price

Most of the wiggle room comes from the incentives. Without incentives, a dealer’s invoice is going to be about 94-95% of the MSRP, depending on the dealer’s advertising cost, which ranges from $0-750. XC60s seem to be plentiful, so getting a deal $0-1,000 below the invoice is realistic, maybe even lower. Qualifying for A-Plan is an easy and painless way to get invoice minus $750 minus incentives. If a dealer has $3,000 of incentives on a lease, that’s a big part of getting a “hackr price.” MFs and RVs certainly appear to be nationwide, so that part of the equation is easier. Getting a dealer to give their cost on the MF and acquisition fee is not a given, but. not uncommon.

There’s always a $500 rebate on a lease if the lessee or anyone in the lessee’s household has had a Volvo or SAAB within the last 6 months. If by chance the lessee is coming out of an XC60 lease, there’s a $2,000 lease retention rebate in lieu of the loyalty rebate.

The wild card is the incentives, which vary by market to market. Do you know how to look them up?


Thanks - yes I’m getting my head around where to find info and know about Edmunds for incentives info and money factor / residuals. If there’s another or a better source please post!

Forgive my ignorance on dealer pricing but what do you mean when you say “dealer invoice”? Surely this isn’t what the dealer is paying the manufacturer, is it? And if so, would they really eat a $1k loss by selling below their invoice? I know there is downstream revenue from repairs and service but on a 2-3 year lease that can’t be a money maker.

Is dealer invoice info available to look up in general?

I don’t know of any manufacturer’s invoices that don’t have some holdback and support money paid back to the dealers. You can always ask to see a copy of the invoice and a dealer will probably show it to you.

If the current model year of the model you’re looking at is in the Build & Price link on the Volvo website, you can go there > summary > estimate payments and see the incentives for leasing and purchasing. What you probably won’t see is the 1st payment waiver of the Holiday Sales Event.

If you balk at a $1k lease pmt on a specialty car with a 65k + msrp, then you are looking at the wrong car…

If I wanted a 1k + payment, I would be at the Range Rover dealership. There have been plenty of lease deals done on the XC90 in the 800’s.


I think you may be on the wrong forum.

Yes- sign up at DealerGrapes.com

I have an interesting deal. I live in So Cal (92624) but found a 2018 xc90 R Design Demo in Colorado 80203. What kinds of lease incentives should I be expecting base on 39/12? The car has 3700 miles on it.

Here’s the current deal;

Oh boy. I didn’t expect xc90s were in the 800s even. I expected low 7s

Me and you both.

Your image doesn’t get bigger when I click on it and it’s too hard to read. Can you put it in the calculator and post the link?

You probably have to go to Edmunds to find out what the incentives are. They’re probably $2,750 plus the dealer got either $1,500 or $3,000 if it was a loaner (vs a demo) and depreciated it.

You can probably get a better deal in SoCal, anyway.