2019 T5 R-Design loaner quote

I’m looking to plug the numbers into the leasehackr’s calculator but having hard time adjusting the residual % to come with the same number.

MSRP $46,210
RV 56%
MF 0.00096

I’m a bit confused.

They’re showing $1000 rebate on the deal sheet, but the S60 T5 R (helpful to mention which vehicle you’re looking at in the future) currently has $2000 volvo allowance and $1750 lease cash on it. They were doing $1000 conquest previously, but I thought it expired July 1. Do you have loyalty and/or military?

If the $1000 is conquest/loyalty/military, you’re only at 12.9% pre-incentive discount. If the $1000 is part of the normal break down, you’re at 15.1% pre-incentive. Both are low for a Volvo demo unit, especially the 12.9%.

Don’t adjust RV, just add $1,025 to the selling price.

No conquest or military. I trying to clear up exactly how much discount my quote is before any lease incentives.

@Ursus Thanks for the tip. I’ve attempted to plug the numbers to get close to replicating the quote in the calculator. Am I missing something?

quote calc

If I include both the $3750 rebate and the mysterious $1000 rebate they’re offering, I get almost the same final numbers

You’re a savior thank you! The loaner looks like it has 5,100 miles. What’s would be the reasonable discount % I can target excluding incentives? 18-20%?

First thing I’d be asking them is what that $1000 rebate is to understand where you’re at to start with.

Looks like it’s a conquest rebate and he says I’m qualified for it.

In that case, you’re at 15.1% pre-incentive discount. I’d try for another $1500 off, and be happy at $1000 off.

It’s been a loaner, but they’ve had the car for 215+ days

Thanks for your help. And if MSD is allowed, putting down max would be a no brainer right?

MSDs are allowed (don’t let them tell you otherwise, although that dealer has a good reputation of dealing with aggressive deals involving MSDs, so I wouldn’t expect them to.)

It might’ve been a loaner for 90 days only, for example. Being on the lot for 215 days doesn’t mean much if they don’t feel like they need to get rid of it yet.

I didn’t really mean it’s been a loaner for that long, just that they’ve had the car on the lot for a long time.

Yeah. I understood, just saying that they may not be motivated by the age.

Fair enough

The dealer is absolutely not budging on his initial quote and I’m trying to see if this good enough of a deal to jump on it.

Anything I can ask the dealer to sweeten the deal?

Tell them to throw in a polestar upgrade

I believe it is already included according to the screenshot of the car invoice he shared with me :frowning:

Ah, you’re correct. Just looked up the build details.

Is asking for increase in annual mileage allowance for the same quote even an option?