2019 Subaru Forester Sport - Pricing Question

Long story long: I wanted to get a quote on a 2018 Forester Lease on year end promo and a couple of guys at the dealership told me to wait for 2019s as they anticipated a better vehicle and still great lease rates. Seemed like $315 -$325/mo range with 12k miles on a 36 month lease was doable. I live near Omaha, NE and have a great sales tax rate of 6.5% and leasing is usually pretty easy… not so fast.

I had a 2019 Forester Sport on hold (or so I was told) and I was waiting for the call on final pricing. It turns out the sales manager accidentally allocated the vehicle to another dealership because of a miscommunication as Lease numbers weren’t out and they didn’t need me to put money down. (Lesson Learned) When I walked in to discuss another vehicle, I started getting numbers closer to $435/mo 36/mo 10k from the dealer… over $100 more than quoted initially. I was flustered to say the least.

I reached out to another dealer who could offer a Costco deal and sent me the price sheet. Originally priced at $31,732, the member price is $29,432) I also have Subaru loyalty $500 off… I was quoted:
$2000 DAS
36/mo 10k: $343.19
36/mo 12k: $352.88

The original dealer then tried to make it right for the pricing and vehicle reservation issues and offered to drop the sales price on the basic pkg Sport trim, sale price went down from $30,937 to $27,500. Using my $500 loyalty coupon, I thought I would be good, but as they are only offering me $20k for my vehicle and payoff is $21,850, I ended up with this quote:
First Payment Only DAS
42/mo 10k: $372 (tax included)
42/mo 12k: $380 (tax included)

All in all, I intended to get a higher package on the Sport trim ($750-$1000 more than this last quote) and to be in the $325/mo range with 10k-12k miles on a 36 month lease. I just saw a Forester Limited get posted in the Deals & Tips Forum for 323/mo (tax included with $650DAS) at a much higher sales price than what I was quoted. I think the dealership actually wants to make it right, but my budget is a hard $325/mo (tax included) and I just kinda feel like there has to be something I am missing from this Limited deal to the Sport. Anyone want to take pity on a guy who just wanted to get a new car and got stuck with nothing but an apology?