2019 Subaru Forester Sport - is this a good/great deal?


Can you let me know if this is a good/great deal on a 2019 Subaru Sport?
I live in Dallas, TX.

Here’s the car:

2019 Subaru Forester
Crystal White Pearl
Option package 24
Popular package 2
Mirror compass w/ Homelink
Ext Auto dim mirror
Rear bumper cover
all weather floor liners
Front side sill plates
Rear seat back protector
Door scuff protector
Crossbar set - Aero

Here’s the terms:
MSRP - $33,349.00
Selling Price - $30,711.00
Doc fee - $150.00
Tax - $1,948.18 (I live in Dallas TX)
Non Tax Fees - $196.00

Annual mileage 12,000
36 mo lease

MF - 0.00145
Residual - 20,009.40


What’s your monthly payment and total DAS?

Thanks for looking at this Jamie!

Monthly Payment is $459.93
DAS - 1st payment only


Bad deal. If you want something that leases well get something with the highest residual you can. Get residuals from Ally’s Residual Value Lease Guide. Just google Ally RVLG. It should be a Tundra or Tacoma if you’re looking for a deal.


Not flexible on make/model. For Subaru Forester Sport is this a good deal?

Thanks jc

This deal is horrible.

I did a 36m/12k yr lease on a Forester Limited with NAV/HK/RAB for $316 (tax included) and $1500 down.

Looks like it’s back to the drawing borad.

ROB - if you don’t mind, can you provide the MF, MSRP, Selling Price and Residual on your deal for the Limited?


How many dealers have you gotten quotes from? Have you looked at the Forester trims to see which has the combo of highest RV/lowest MF this month?

Sport leases worse than the limited. Your paying up for orange accents and black rims!

I liked the sport better, but it leases for about $1500 more despite being 2k cheaper.

3 dealer quotes. One I supplied is the best deal. New Rates will come sept 4, so maybe I’ll see better numbes

Got it. Thanks for the info.

To be honest, 3 dealer quotes probably isn’t enough. You’ll want to start reaching out to more dealerships with this current deal and ask them to beat it. Up to you if you want to try to close a deal tomorrow or wait for new numbers on 9/4/19.

I agree. For my Forester/Impreza/Crosstrek search, I contacted nearly 25 different dealers.

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Thanks, all, for the advice.
I’ll be waiting until after the 4th to make any deals, so let’s see what new numbers are.


I was able to get a Limited for $361 (incl of CA tax). $330 pretax.
$900 DAS and $0 down

33,166 MSRP
29,900 Selling Price (they don’t seem to budge too much on the selling price since these cars sell themselves)
MF was .00035 (which dropped from .0005 from the month prior)

  • TOURING is much better at - .00015 and 56%

Like someone mentioned above the MF for sport is not as good.

Hi - I got similar quote yesterday- can you let me know the MF and residual if possible