2019 Subaru Forester Limited Lease - Upstate NY


I am trying to help out my Father is securing a small SUV in the 300s all rolled in. The CR-V seems to be out of the ballpark so his other choice has been the Forester.

I got this quote today:

2019 Forester Limited AWD

MSRP: $32,930
Discount: $2250
Adj. Price: $30680
Doc Fee: $75
Tax: $1281
Non Tax Fees: $669.43
Balance $32,705

12k Miles 36 month: $407 with $500 due at signing
12k Miles 39 months $400 with $500 due at signing

Taxes etc, all rolled in.

I know I see other people on this forum have been getting higher MSRP Limited for around middle 3s.

36/12 MF according to Edmunds should be .00045 and residual 60%.

I seem to always mess up the calculator so any help in what I should be targeting for a great deal is greatly appreciated!

Did u ever get it? I’m currently negotiating and the only dealer in my city is quoting me a joke of $400 with $1000 down for a Sport

No we actually went with a crv ex-l and ending up buying. The suburu dealerships around here I was getting 395/month for 12k miles with just first payment out the door for a limited model. From what I read the sports weren’t leasing out as well. Good luck!