2019 Subaru Forester Limited - lease advice

Hi - looking for some info on
2019 Subaru Forester Limited lease

All inclusive monthly payment : $320
DAS: ~ $1450

Can you let me know if this is good offer ?
This is my first lease - Do we need get confirmation on Residual and Money factor numbers to confirm if it’s good offer?

Msrp, selling price, mf…

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Lease Term / Miles Per Year:36 Months / 12,000
Upfront Price :$24,665
Government Fee :$200
Documentation Fee :$589
Residual Value:$15,679
Acq. Fee:$595

Youll want to get that, confirm incentives, etc

And spend a while reading the leasing 101 info

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Thanks - I will do that.
In general does this looks like acceptable deal based on info I got so far

Looks high at first glance

what would be the best offer for 2019 Subaru Forester Limited - I did try search and only found data posted back in April

Hi - I did check with dealer for
2019 Subaru Forester Limited
MF - .00013
Residual- 56%
Monthly - $320 all inclusive
DAS : $1450

Can you let me know if this is good deal

Are you sure it is Limited? What’s the MSRP? They are around $30k I think. Based on your sales price and approximate RV 60%, MSRP on yours is around $26k
Edit: I see you posted RV, so sticker is $28k

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Sure it’s limited- I spent 2hrs at dealer yesterday and they started from around $375 and got to $320
Is this good lease for 2019 Subaru Forester limited- I do see similar quotes posted back in April - just want to check if it’s good deal for Nov 2019

I think it’s a good deal considering that you get around $1,500 under invoice. That was usually my target on Foresters. Others sometimes get higher discounts, but I’m sure there are very few '19s left.

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I think there is some mixup on quote they sent me - I see MSRP of 32,500 for 2019 Subaru Forester limited on their website. The MSRP I posted earlier might be for premium

That’s what I thought. 28k is too low for the Limited. But doesn’t change that this is a good deal on a Premium

How does this MSRP rates this deal. I am very much leaning to go and sign up today - but want to take expert advice

If you want Limited then get a quote on Limited and we can evaluate. Right now you have a quote on Prem

Monthly pricing, DAS, Residual I posted are for limited - I took note of these while I am at dealer

MSRP got mixed up as I got it from email for premium

The sales price they gave you is for Prem. $320/mo is on Prem

A premium without options is $27,670. If that’s what you’re getting, your discounted price reflects about a 10.9% discount, which is okay but could likely go a bit higher if the dealer wants to get rid of its 2019s.

A premium with full options is $29,515. If that’s what your’re getting, your discounted price reflects about a 16.4% discount, which is a pretty good deal as far as discount goes for a new (non-loaner) car.

Either way they’re charging you $1,384 of extra fees, which might make the deal a little worse compared to other dealers who might charge less in extra fees.

Truly knowing whether you’ve gotten a “good deal” requires (1) identifying the specific car you want, with the specific options you want; (2) asking multiple dealers to give you a quote; (3) comparing the quotes on the basis of the total cost to you (all the fees you pay upfront, plus the total of all of the lease payments) - the lease calculator can help. After you spend time seeing if dealers will lower their offers to get your business, the resulting lowest-total-cost lease would be the “good deal” at that time for that car.

He’s getting $28k one based on the RV value and RV % he posted before

I am 99% sure - the sales price I got is for limited but I will confirm as you mentioned