2019 Subaru Ascent Limited on Honcker. Good deal?

Hi folks, I’m in the market for a replacement for the family minivan (we need AWD) and are looking at the Ascent. I found this deal on Honcker which seems pretty reasonable but I feel like I could get more.

Subaru Ascent Limited 7-Passenger, 2019
MSRP: $40,889
Sunshade - 3rd Row
Popular Package #3
Payment: $488
$1511 DAS
Honcker does not provide details about MF, fees, etc.

–Edited with local dealer details–
I got a quote from a local dealer as well, they are offering:

MSRP: $40,810
Sale Price: $37,532
Doc fee: $249
Acquisition fee: $595
Reg and MVS fee: $405
56% residual
MF 0.00125
$1511 DAS

They are suggesting that the Honcker offer is hiding something. Is this a good deal? Should I bother talking to the dealership to get something better or just go with the Honcker deal?


Honcker doesn’t post real numbers on their app. Unless you are looking at a car with standard dealer pricing, you are more likely than not going to get a phone call informing you they aren’t able to honor their own listed pricing.

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