2019 STI Base Quote Question_24Nov2018

Hi guys,

i called a dealer in NJ today. The sales manager was pretty straight forward. At least he showed me the numbers much better than all the subaru dealers i have been before in the past couple of months in PA.

below is what i got today:

Car: 2019 Subaru WRX STI Base
MSRP: $37,490
Selling Price: $34,847
Doc Fee: 250
Residual Value: 58% (36 months) 57% (39 months)
Miles: 12k per year, 36 months (what i quoted)
Money Factor: .00100
Zip Code: 07446 (But i will be leasing from PA)
Sales Tax: 9% (PA)
Monthly payment: $495 (That is 0 drive off, but the doc fees 250 is required to combine with the first payment. so i need to pay $750 when i pick the car)

What do you guys think about this quote? was that a good one for the base model? but i always got 5xx including everything from PA dealers and their MF is 180 not 100… which makes me think this is a doable deal?

Let me know your thoughts…
Happy thx giving.

Buy it, if you want WRX Sti. Or pay high lease payments.

Did the DEALER happen to be Subaru ramsey?