2019 Season of Audi - lease deal on a Q7?

Hm not sure if this calculator will share as I expect, but:

I went into the dealer to see what the Season of Audi discount would look like on a lease. This is on a 2019 Q7 2.0 Premium Plus, with Vision and Cold Weather packages. I’ve seen many other posts here that say Audis do not lease well; am I far off from what I could expect at best? Thanks for the help, this would be my first time leasing and reading this board has been very valuable.

Just in case the calculator link above doesn’t work (and even if it does, the numbers I got from the dealer don’t quite add up).
MSRP: 62,560
Discount: 6,000
Selling Price: 56,560
Fees: 736.75
Sales Tax: 4,956.44
Net Sales Price: 62,253.19
Season of Audi Rebate: 1,500
MF: .00188
RV: 55%
DAS: 4,000
Monthly: 719.95

When I plugged in the numbers above into the leasehackr calculator, the monthly payment is $640. What am I missing?

Your downpayment is not 4k…4k is DAS which includes fees, etc.

Your DP maybe around 1.2k. Also, ask for 7200 discount…see if it works.

Thanks Alexus, when I put in 1.2k for the DP it looks a lot more like the numbers they gave me.

I’ll work on the discount. As it is, is it close to a good deal, or is there still a ways to go?

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