2019 S60 T5 Momentum. My first lease. Credit score above 750

First of all, thank you so much for all the information you put on here. You guys are amazing, thanks to you I’m learning so much about leasing!

I’m looking to lease a luxury car for up to 36months with the budget of $15k after tax including everything. I’m not set to a specific model, I’m after a great deal with one of these brands: BMW/LEXUS/AUDI/VOLVO MERCEDES BENZ

I received this offer:
“BEST TIME TO GET A VOLVO!! That being said for the next few days you can Lease a New 2019 S60 T5 Momentum, Premium, Heated Seats/Steering, 19’’ Wheels for 36 Months 10k/yr $0 Down, Payments of $369 + Tax OR Purchase for $34,995 Fees!! This vehicle has an Msrp of $41,910. Please let me know if you would like to take advantage of this offer as it does ‪end on the 17th‬ (‪7/17/19‬) or call me for a custom quote specific to your needs.”

From reading though this amazing forum, I understood I need to ask what’s the MF and MSD. I’m attaching a pic of the answer because I’m not sure I understand what they meant. image
I’d love to get your thoughts, and guidance.

Thanks again and wish you an awesome day!

You need to find out the sales price and DAS amount for that deal.

Also, please fix your tags.

$41910 isn’t the MSRP for a vehicle with those options, so there’s something else on the car.

Need to find out what incentives they’re including too. S60 T5 mom in socal gets $2750 in standard incentives right now plus $500 for military and $500 for loyalty. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re including those as well.

It’s $40,390 without metallic paint ($650) and the standalone nav without HK sound is $1,200, so I’m thinking it has the nav and the $470 protection package premier.

You can’t put down 10 MSDs with .00047 MF. 9 MSDs will bring it down to .00002

It’s possible without any other packages, I think. Heated everything is $750, 19" is $800. Prem is like $2,200

There’s gotta be some options mixed in that aren’t listed (which is fine, but worth knowing what one is paying for), otherwise the number is ~$1000 high.