2019 S560 Offer Help

Hello all, new to the forum and learning as much as I can.

Looking for a 2019 S560. Went to a local dealer and got the below deal - any feedback would be appreciated.

Location: Southeast
MSRP: $121,435.00
Sale price: discounted $21,711.93 (added 499 for protection plan) = $100,222.07
Balance after tax and fees: $107,747.16
MF: .00154
Residual: 49%
Term 39 months, 10k miles/yr
Cash due at signing: $5,000
Monthly payment: $1499 including taxes.

Any and all help very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

bumping to top in hopes of help
thanks in advance

39 months lease means pay 4 years registration but only use 39months, overpay 9 months.

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State dependent and if you can transfer your plates or extend the lease at the end almost a moot point. I’d take the risk if the residual was the same.

Try 24/10k + 10MSD. Not sure if there is fleet discount for S class.

appreciate the info so far - any other thoughts out there?

Low residual makes it a hard hack. Hard to swallow paying about 63k over 39 months for a car thats being discounted to 100k. But thats just my opinion. Try a broker. I agree with o881oo though, 24 month might help with max MSD

I’d recommend buying an S-Class used. Lots of good values in the 40’s. For the price of what you’d pay for the lease, you can easily buy one outright.