2019 S5 Sportback

Ugh, these cars are ugly leases. Here’s the best I’ve been able to get - debating if I throw some MSD’s on there. Honestly, seems to be a bit better than most folks on the interwebs are getting.

Any thoughts on where this could go if I beat them up a bit more with a couple MSD’s?

2019 Audi S5, Premium Plus, Sportback 4dr
PPM: $760 (includes tax), no MSD’s, no cap cost reduction just drive offs
MSRP: $62,695
Selling Price: $55,150
MF: .00184
Residual: 58%
Terms: 36 mo/ 10k miles per year
HackrScore: Pure Audi.

There seems to be a 1K incentive.

What’s the trim on this? Is it a premium plus and are you getting Audi care?

Recommend using MSDs to bring down that MF and getting audicare to boost the RV up a point.

Whoops, yeah let me update the OG post. It’s a P+, no Audi care. Thanks for the advice.

Have you thought about an BMW M340i instead since we all know Audis don’t lease that great?

Also, I would try to get more than 8.8% off it excluding the rebates and incentives. Id email all around in hopes to get 15 percent off before rebates like this guy:

Where you located? Add audi care to get 1% bump in residual.

I’m in SoCal. I have checked out that M340i and the C 43 AMG. The AMG lease is out of the question. M340i is a great machine, I just prefer the Audi. I might work on the BMW deal, if I can get something for a much better price I’d consider it.

Nice discount that guy got - I’ll see if I can get at least 12% on this S5 if I beat them up a bit more. Thank you for advice!

Also maybe @AudiGuan can help you out as hes a dealer not a broker for Audi of Beverly Hills. Maybe he can get close to that.

Less the $1k incentive you’re just under a 10% discount. Push to settle around 12%. The MF is pretty ugly so MSDs would certainly help if you can swing them.

I had a $69k MSRP S5 SB Prestige for $799 with drive offs (just under $3k) and I got roasted on this forum. My payment was higher due to tier 2 credit and some wear/tear package but base deal was $799. That’s with a $61,xxx selling price.

This deal was last September, I’d expect you can aim for more discount!

Yeah don’t go Prestige, stay with the Premium Plus as the residuals the highest.

But HUD was a must for me when spending almost $70k…

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HUD is redundant when you have virtual cockpit.

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Saw this car in my gym parking lot yesterday. Really is pretty lil thing…of course leace it to Audi to lease like crap. Yeah I get their mentality but you really do drive customers away. Obviously Audi is so much more prestige then Bmw (sarcasm there):man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Makes perfect sense

Best time to get an Audi is during the Winter savings event. (I picked up an sq5 last December)

I kept trying to lease and could not get a reasonable deal. I ended up buying a A5 sportback loaner got it for 42000. I totally love it Prestige version. Made a sizable down payment plan to have this paid off in one year. Got CPO warranty. Set for 4.5 year worry free.

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Nice, just watch those CPO warranties, they are NEVER as good or comprehensive as the original warranty, even if supported by the manufacturer. Read the fine print before you need it…

Sorry but the Birds Eye Camera, the HUD ( Even with Virtual Cockpit) adaptive cruise were a must for me. I wanted it all so I got it all with the Prestige. Will not regret it and HIGHLY recommend it to those that can budget it. Found it better to buy then to lease. But well I can pay it off in a year and own outright the car of my dreams.

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Thanks for the feedback. The price on the car was SOOO good the CPO was basically free.

Surf you have some weak dreams buddy. I’m thinking Audi should be replaced w a Lamborghini and of course have a hot blond in the passenger seat :heart_eyes:

No Lamborghini but I do have the beautiful blond. I love her more than the Audi.

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The same set up in and S4 will be more than $100 cheaper