2019 RR Sport HST Lease



Went to the RR dealer today and test drove a 2019.5 RR Sport HST. The numbers the salesman quoted were high. Does anyone know money factor (zip code 08540) and residual for 36 mo/12K miles?

Here are the numbers the guy gave:
$97,661 sticker with tax included
$4000 down
12K miles/36 mo
$1391/mo payment

You need to go to edmunds for that info. If you consider anything close to this you must also use 100 dollar bills as toilet paper!

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Nope, I knew the numbers were crazy…I walked out - just looking for some info.

There isn’t going to be a “good” deal for this car. If it’s something you have to drive then you’re going to pay for it

Sure, It’s all relative - looking to compare with what other deals people have on the car and what they’re paying…

I saw a lady driving 2019.5 white RR sport with red interior. Asked the msrp which was about 95k. She said it was a lease and guess how much she is paying. $1750 a month. Ouch…

Didnt had guts to ask if they put any money down.

It’s a brand new 90k+ Range Rover Sport…

Definitely not a hackable car especially when they hit the ground less than a month ago. You’d be better off getting a Full-Size Range Rover SE.

These things just don’t lease well…guessing you already know it’s a crappy deal on a MSRP basis, and you should never do cap cost reduction but with that price I’m guessing the lions share of that upfront is inception costs…

I can’t say anything on how these lease but I recently bought a 2016 HST and it’s sweet. Best of luck!

That deal is at least 3 boat payments for the salesperson

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Surprisingly, as expensive as LR products are FE profits are garbage. There’s more front end profit in a Toyota Tundra than a 95k Range Rover Sport.

LR salespeople make kayak money.
Porsche salespeople make yacht money.