2019 Rav4 Adventure Transmission Issue

hi there,

I bought my new rav4 back in august and since then it is having transmission problems where it hesitates / jerks forward when slowing down and speeding up from a stop, there is a very loud audible knocking noise when slowing down from 20 mph, revs very high with the slightest of acceleration.

Ive been to the dealer 2 times and they have “fixed” the issue but always comes back in an hour after the repair. Currently I have the 3rd appointment this week for another repair.

What can I do with this issue? Repairing at the dealer doesn’t fix the issue and I’ve wasted countless days going to the dealer in the past month.

Try a new dealer. If that doesnt sort it, talk to a lemon law attorney

already did, up to my 3rd dealer will talk to a attorney asap

I’d post on a RAV4 specific forum for more knowledge with the model

I don’t own a RAV4 but follow some RAV4 forums and this was a known issue and there seems to be a software fix for it. Most people are reporting the software fix worked. I’d check some RAV4 forums for more info.