2019 Ram Bigh Horn 1500 4x4 lease negotiation

I am currently trying to come up with a number for a lease on this vehicle. I am unsure what target I should use on the dealer discount. Also I just got an email to come this weekend and I will be available for employee pricing. Below is the window sticker of the vehicle.

MSRP: 55495
Current Lease incentives in my area: 2750
Most advertised dealer discounts not including rebates on their website seem to be :~ 10% off MSRP ~ 5500
Current Residual on a 36/10 = 57% with mf of .00011 in my area code. Currently in South Florida.

I calculated the lease calculator score below and am wondering if this is a good goal when going to the dealer.
Looks like 1900 DAS with 390 a month all included based on the calculator.

Of course this is calculated before the “employee pricing” that they are saying I am eligible for this weekend.
Just trying to get a target in my head before going to the dealer.

Previously I got quoted for a similar vehicle 900 DAS with 399 a month + Tax which seems to be close. But that was also at the end of December and without this “employee pricing”.


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