2019 Ram Big Horn 1500 4x4 lease deals



Have been hunting for a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4X4. Been getting a lot of pushback over the phones with multiple dealers(I’m located in South Florida). MSRP im looking at is 49,000 and effective sale price would be ~38000 in order to get to 390 a month according to the calculator with about 800 DAS. Just wondering if anyone has been having any luck with executing this deal? or is this a dream deal that wont happen? Best deal I’ve been quoted is 1k DAS with 399 a month + tax a month.

2019 Ram Bigh Horn 1500 4x4 lease negotiation

Why not go to the best offer and counter at like $375 a month with the $1k down? They seem close enough to what you’re after.


That’s not a bad idea. Especially since tomorrow is the last day. Is this solid number to shoot for or should I have gone harder?


Kinda depends on how you feel about it. I haven’t seen much about a lower level big horn, mainly people after the 12inch screen in Laramies. If you told them your monthly goal and they met it then it’s harder to bring it down more. If you told them your sales price before incentives goal and they met that, then you could always try to bring the sales price down.


I am currently trying to come up with a number for a lease on this vehicle. I am unsure what target I should use on the dealer discount. Also I just got an email to come this weekend and I will be available for employee pricing. Below is the window sticker of the vehicle.

MSRP: 55495
Current Lease incentives in my area: 2750
Most advertised dealer discounts not including rebates on their website seem to be :~ 10% off MSRP ~ 5500
Current Residual on a 36/10 = 57% with mf of .00011 in my area code. Currently in South Florida.

I calculated the lease calculator score below and am wondering if this is a good goal when going to the dealer.
Looks like 1900 DAS with 390 a month all included based on the calculator.

Of course this is calculated before the “employee pricing” that they are saying I am eligible for this weekend.
Just trying to get a target in my head before going to the dealer.

Previously I got quoted for a similar vehicle 900 DAS with 399 a month + Tax which seems to be close. But that was also at the end of December and without this “employee pricing”.