2019 Ram 1500 Deal or no Deal :)

Not much on here about Rams, thought I’d ask and see what kind of experience people may be having on them.

Quick backstory- I have been tuning in to LeaseHackr for a little while now ( awesome site with so many knowledgeable experts- glad to have found it) and almost pulled the trigger on a couple BMW’s as well as a couple other deals over the past couple of months because of the deals on them. My push to have a truck again prevented the jump.

Now on to the reason for the post. I have been calling, emailing, and visiting plenty of dealers over the last month or so on the Ram and am close to closing a deal on a Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4 MSRP just over $53k, $3750 in rebates, unknown right now on the dealer discount and MF. 1st Month DAS and live in Virginia so tax will be rolled into the deal ( not too concerned with a base .00008 MF rate) Monthly payment quote $495 mo. 3 year- 15k miles a year

I guess the BMW unicorns are throwing me off :slight_smile: Just curious what others are getting out there so I know if I should keep pushing or know I am getting a decent deal and sign already. Thanks in advance.

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Ram has a fairly accurate lease calculator on their website (configure your vehicle and there is even a column for dealer discount) which takes into account base MF, RV and rebates. Pick any other incentives you may qualify for and arrive at your pretax price. There have been a few non-MI deals under $400 (not in a whole tax state though). I couldn’t get good pricing on Ram or f150 in NC, so picked up a Tundra.

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Happy that you like RAM. I think that deal is okay but yeah I would have to agree with cheapdad00, go to their site and check for some rebates.