2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn or Laramie 4x2

Looking to lease ASAP in Atlanta area. 12K per year. Any good deals?

Best way to know the good deals is to shop around and message dealers in your area to see what they’re offering. Do that and then come back here with the deals they offered, we will walk you through how to make the deals better.

They are offering $531 for 36 with 12K and $1,000 down for a Laramie trim 4x2 or $472 with $3K down

MSRP 48,095
Disc 8,000
Adj price $40,095

Seems a little high to me. What’s the MF/RV?

There’s a broker here with a white tundra for 317 a month, just to give you an idea of what full size trucks are doing… Tundras are leasing great right now. It’s about a 48k MSRP truck as well.

I was thinking the same thing MF must be jacked up or low RV haven’t looked at this at Edmunds yet. OP has a 8K discount how much is dealer kicking in vs rebates.

The ram is in a brand new bodystyle and the tundra hasn’t been refreshed in a decade, you have to compare features as well, no idea about either trims but comparing the tundra to the f150/ram/gm is a joke to me, they have the same body and interior for the better part of a decade and it looks soooo old and outdated meanwhile the big 3 are on their 3rd and possibly even 4th update. Depends on op’s needs but seems like he’s stuck on a ram. If having a cheaper payment is his goal the tundra would be his best bet but the vibe he gives off is that he wants a ram.

you need to give these guys the proper format before they can judge the deal properly. It doesn’t have to be in bullet points but it helps to have everything for the calculator so they can tell you if the dealer is hiding cash in the deal
sales price
amount down

I agree with all this and I offer tundras. I drive a tundra coming from a ram and I like the handling and comfort of the tundra, along with the safety features. However the ram has much better infotainment and styling. I chose a $290/mo $47500 msrp tundra over the 2019 ram purely for financial reasons. The ram just wasn’t worth $160/mo more than the tundra. Also the tundra is just a 2 year lease, so if they don’t improve it for 2020/2021 I’ll be switching brands for sure. But a 24 month lease for $300/mo on a full size truck is tough to turn down. In my experience, people that drive trucks don’t care much about bells and whistles, and are frankly fed up with pricing starting at $55k to get a full size truck with leather.

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Believe me, my dad is shocked that an f150 platinum cost more than an e class/5 series and damn near s class money give or take 10k. I just put together his lease for 36/15 and he’s at 635 w/1500 due at signing, about $599 if he chose 10k miles, but I will admit that it has a ridiculous amount of luxury features and with 1/6 vehicles in america being a truck the prices are only going to go higher as more tech is shoved in and more people buy it for recreational use versus work truck. Yeah the tundra is great for buying but too dated imo, though it is tough to turn down $300 a month when most of the big 3 are almost $100+ more a month.

if gas prices stay low, interest rates stay flat and
The economy stays strong then truck prices will keep rising. However, I work in real estate, and I’m seeing a lot of parallels now to pre 2008 crash. Everyone is flipping houses and overpaying for them, every contractor, Plumber, electrician and even their helpers have a new $50k plus truck, and uber drivers are talking about the stock market. I think we have an economic crash before the next presidential election, and if that happens, I don’t want to be tied to a $1,000/mo financed truck that no one will buy. I want a $50k truck for a $300 lease payment, that is the banks problem at the end of the lease.

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Yeah my dad is a builder and he says the market is red hot right now, he renovates a house and once it’s on the market it’s gone within a week, New homes are a bit different but nowhere near pre crash speed, the 500k houses well I guess it depends on what 500k gets you in your area but I guess 3-4000 sq ft houses still take time to sell and 6000 sq houses and up are moving the same as they were a year or two ago aka slow. Not sure if I see a crash but I do see potential for the “bubble” to bust, yeah leasing is the way to go, everything is a write off, new vehicle every 2/3 years with basic maintenance and a low payment to top it off.

OP: try a large volume CJDR dealer.

BigHorns are the most discounted compared to other trims.
Laramie is the next best.

You should aim for a total of $10K off MSRP. About$6,000 dealer discount and $4000 incentives depending on your region.

Ok all, help me figure out where the dealer is hiding money and next best steps as when I use the calculator, I’m getting a different payment.

2019 RAM Laramie 4x4
MSRP: 54895
Sales Price: 45500
MF: 00065
Residual- 30741.20

$0 down/$525 a month.

What am I missing? How can I get the dealer to come down a bit?

56% residual^

I went from a 2015 Lexus RX350 F Sport to a 2016 F150 Platinum. Lexus MSRP was $55k, Platinum was $62k. The Platinum was hands down way more advanced. It was a company car so I didn’t have to pay for it but man, that thing was slick. When I left I I tried to buy it from the company but they wouldn’t play ball. I leased a Tundra and they are night and day. The newer big 3 are light years ahead of Toyota with technology on the trucks.

Try asking for 24/10 lease terms.
The RV is much higher.
May make a big difference in your monthly.