2019 QX60 luxe 53445 MSRP - 340 Per Month 15K miles - VA

Can someone please validate this lease deal, one thing I noticed dealer changed for destination twice(once in MSRP)

The dealer told me that this quote includes VVP, conquest and (3 MSD), is there any more room to negotiate.

Vijay, you should include the monthly payment amount in the title, and also use a flag to define state or region so people know what incentives may apply and typical discounts you might get in your area.

The discount looks good at 18.7% but there’s a lot of fees being thrown in there and as you say the dealer is charging the destination fees twice, so that another $25/mo in the payment. Also, do you qualify for VPP or Conquest/Winter Bonus?

So the $10k off includes incentives, you need to know the discount off MSRP w/o any incentives included. Once you confirm that, then you will be able to complete the calculator.

Also, since the $10k discount includes $3k for VPP/Conquest and maybe some other incentives, your discount is 13% and there should be room for more.

@CaptQ Thank you

Please validate the numbers, monthly payment 340$ 2500 drive-off and 1500$ MSD.

You say $340/month in title, but quote shows $468. Which is it?

I really enjoyed the calculation of 3 x $500 = $1,500. Good stuff.

That quote is before the negotiation, final numbers I added to the calculator

After moving the $3k in incentives to the bottom, I’m showing a 17% discount.

This is a fantastic deal. For reference, I got a Pure 2 weeks ago and I’m paying $299/month. This deal for me would have been $338/month, which I would have gladly taken with all the upgrades.

You should get another offer sheet from the dealer with updated numbers that you can scrutinize. This offer sheet is pretty much moot.


That is a pretty good deal especially for VA. You are getting 18% off before incentives and that is the best I have seen in whole Dec on this car.

If I have to be picky, I would just remove the doc fees but I know VA is notorious on those and if they won’t remove it ask them to reduce the cap cost by another 350 but other than that just take the deal.

Is there any chance you have another Infiniti now or in recent past? I have a feeling that you might be qualifying for Loyalty which can be stacked with VPP and conquest and that is bringing your discount to 18% but that is just a guess.

If I were you, I would take that deal right away but be careful of ancillary stuff they will try to sell at closing, just politely keep rejecting everything.

Also remove that pic of initial quote and replace it with the updated calculator link to avoid confusion to new readers of this thread.


@HN308 Thank you.

Picked up the vehicle yesterday, here are the final numbers.

**MSRP: $53,445
**Selling Price: $44,700
**Monthly Payment: $350
**Cash Due at Signing: $2800-tax, tags, acquistion fee, doc fees
**MSD:1200.00 ( 3)
**Incentives:VPP-1500/ Conquest-winter bonus-1500

**Months- 39
**Annual Mileage:15K

**Region: VA
**Leasehackr Score:**12.4