2019 QX60 LUXE $399/Mo, DAS First Month, Taxes, Dmv, Bank Fee. 52k MSRP NY/NJ/CT/FLORIDA



I’m in FLorida and ready to move on this

10k miles


I am in, please call me so we can settle on a Vin #. Phil 631 681 3513


Inventory going fast. Limited Inventory.


Yes, App would have to be in by 6PM for me to honor pricing. ($25 less)
I uploaded a Window Sticker.


Very interested. Let me know how to proceed


How do I submit credit app?


How much extra for 15k?


$50 more for 15k miles


spoke to a dealer in TX and he can do the same deal… but the difference from year end vs this is DAS.
Year End - DAS - $400 (Including everything)
This Deal - DAS - $4000 (apprx with 1ST MONTH, DMV, TAXES, BANK FEE)


This the best that can be done. Lowest numbers out.


Can you please PM me? I would like to sign by this weekned.



@Simpleauto1, any deals for Seattle, Zip 98052

Looking for QX60 LUXE AWD
Have VPP and can to multiple MSDs


2019 Q50 was added to the thread. Payments at $385 with $1970 due at signing. Based on NY state taxes.
MSRP: $45,150



Interested in qx60 luxe essential with 12k. Please PM me.


Approx. $15/Monthly more than the advertised price.


Can you please PM me the dealer info? Are there any deals on the QX50? Thank you


QX50’s are not leasing well this month.


Qx60 numbers got $8 more expensive
Q50 $10 more expensive

Residuals went down again.
39 month - 53%
MF .00016

39 months - 49%
MF .00003


@Simpleauto1 what are the latest number on 2019 QX60 Luxe AWD, 15K, NJ, 39 Months, PROACTIVE Package, Sensory Package, Essentials Package, VPP