2019 QX60 LUXE $399/Mo, DAS First Month, Taxes, Dmv, Bank Fee. 52k MSRP NY/NJ/CT/FLORIDA



No more QX50’s left in inventory.


Inventory running low VERY fast. Take advantage whats in stock now, wont last long.


looking for QX60 lux with essential package…was between acura mdx and this one but leaning toward infiniti. what’s best lease price I can get - nothing down, except first month. 10K/mo mileage. I live in NJ.


415 a month with just first month due at signing.
39 months 10k miles a year


Hi, any deals on the 2018/2019 Q50 red sport AWD? No VPP, i do qualify for conquest, and tier one credit. I’m in northern NJ if that helps. Thanks


No Q50 Red sports in stock at the moment, Sorry


interested if this is for QX60 lux w/essential package, 10K/mo mileage. i’m in NJ. next steps?


Emailed you.


Interested qx60…please PM the details


BMW X3 Updated pricing added above.






Inventory running low


How about a 2019 QX60 LUX with Essentials and Protective Packages 39 mo x 15K.


Could you please email me the information for this deal. We are located in 10457. We are looking buy next week. Thank you


Do you qualify for vpp or conquest ?


No Vpp. Only retired military


We just finished test driving the qx60 and we did not like it. I am going to post on the Acura MDX thank you