2019 QX60 LUXE $399/Mo, DAS First Month, Taxes, Dmv, Bank Fee. 52k MSRP NY/NJ/CT/FLORIDA



I can be at 415 765 due at signing

39 months 12k miles per year


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Anything on a QX80? In NJ. VPP. Toyota and Honda owner/leasor.


I’m interested in the q50 luxe can you PM me the info


Hello sir,

were you able to get any numbers for Q50/QX50 for California?


Have to wait for Monday for cal numbers, my apologies


Hi @Simpleauto1 - Can you shoot me some numbers my way -
Infiniti Q50 AWD LUXE for 11214
12k miles


What county ?
Which trim for Qx80?

Cheapest one with nav?


Interested in QX80 AWD Luxe w/ProAssist and Split Bench. In Morris County - 07834. Thanks!


Hi any good deals on Q60 AWD this month ? In CT. 06906.


What Packages does the QX50 AWD ESSENTIAL have for 49,795?
Also, can you send me some numbers: QX50 AWD ESSENTIAL for 11209 NY.



can you add lease loyalty to the deal if you own or are leasing a Nissan vehicle


Check to see if this q60 has everything you want in it



Luxe 3.0t AWD is just what I’m looking for. What are numbers on that? I do not qualify for VPP/Loyalty/Conquest.


No loyalty this month, only conquest which is coming from another brand.



Is there a way you can put this in the lease hackr calculator?
Not sure where to put the $2230 Drive off amount…



How do I get in touch with you?


you can text me or call me 3477242937


Hello sir,
Just following up on the numbers for Q50 3.0 Sport or qx50 for California - 90046.
Are there any numbers for these? Thank you!