2019 Qx60- Just signed this morning- 10/30/18



Great deal on a nice SUV. Enjoy the car.
When you get a chance, please PM me the dealer contact info.


Please PM me the dealer contact when you get a chance. Thanks!


Plz pm dealer and your sa thank you


Nice ride! I am in the Midwest and looking for 3 row suv at or under $350/mo… Keep hearing about QX60 so I start looking into the QX60:

How the heck does anyone pull off a QX60 deal like the one posted here with Dealers offering up with ‘promos’ like this. They’re the only dealer around, do they just kill it with people who don’t even try to negotiate?!?


Can you PM the dealer details?


Can you pm dealer information please.


@RogueJon I live in Indiana, and I am looking for exactly what you are… 3rd row suv with $0 DAS for no more the $350. I need $15k miles though. Thinking about a one way ticket to NJ (excuse to visit friends there) to take advantage of their lease deals. We seem to get hosed here in the Midwest. Let me know if you find a deal that meets your criteria if you wouldn’t mind. I will do the same.


Great deal! Can you message me the info as well.


Intresting in the deal. Please pm me


Would you be able to send me the dealer as well thank you!


Thanks for sharing the details-- does anyone have this particular dealers contact info? I cant get any new england dealers to play ball



CT is New England. How did you miss the deals in CT?


Will try CT once i find someone nice enough to share which dealer is selling all these qx60s


Did you ask?


Definitely asked… ran into the message sending limit :slight_smile:


Hello, jdauti,

Would you be able to PM the dealer info to me? Thank you.


Hi jdauti, can you please PM the dealer info?


Hello jdauti, Congrats on your new vehicle! What a deal you have. Do you mind PM me the dealer info? Thanks in advance


HI all, I have a ton of messages in my mailbox. Please zoom into the front license plate of my pic above- that should answer most of them.


Can you PM and the dealer as well?