2019 QX60 AWD Pure $323 inc tax MSD's only- Florida

Hi All,

Thinking of signing for the below deal this week. What do you think?

**2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD

**MSRP: $47,020.00
**Selling Price: $39,321
**Monthly Payment: $323.49 including tax (6.5%)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**MSD: $2,911.41
Incentives: VPP + Conquest

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**MF: 0.00008
**Residual: $28,212.00

**Region: Central FL
** Leasehackr Score: 12.4

Calculator Link: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=INFINITI&msrp=47020&sales_price=39321&months=39&mf=.00098&dp=0&doc_fee=699&acq_fee=700&taxed_inc=1500&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=60&reg_fee=237.50&sales_tax=6.5&memo=&zero_driveoff=true&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=10000&msd=9

Contact @mani_is_kool. He might have better numbers. I got better numbers than this (for fwd and not awd though)