2019 QX50 Lease offer (Illinois)

Hey guys new to the website and have been reading and trying to learn everything there is to leasing a new car. Currently I’m going on my 4th lease and had no idea what all really went into how they get to the monthly payment until now. I stayed up reading trying to learn as much possible from when I found the site last night but math wasn’t my greatest subject, I just knew from the beginning of me starting to lease my vehicles I wasn’t putting all that money down they ask for so, at least I did something right lol. So here’s where I’m at on this lease:

2019 Infiniti QX50
MSRP: 39,345
Sale price: 38,045
Incentives: 1000 customer loyalty
Residual amount: 24,393
MF: .00159
Doc fee:175.94
DAS: 882.11
Monthly payment: $485.17

(Dealer is also “paying” the last 5 payments off my current lease which is also an Infiniti and idk if they’re really paying for it or adding it to this lease.)

I know it’s all numbers and every car is different but when my 3 series sticker was 52k and my payment is lower than this offer, it’s not rubbing me the right way lol if anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

That is a bad discount on the car. Infiniti only has 2 months pull ahead so your other 3 payments will be added into your lease. Can you wait? If you can’t then just shop all the dealers around you.

Yea I could wait a few more months, my wife is just running out of miles. We initially had done 10k but she got a promotion and does a little more driving now. Will be going to a different dealer today and see what numbers they give me and that price was also with a VPP.

How much are your current lease payments?

I think you got robbed:grinning: I am looking at 2019 QX50 in IL as well, some thoughts to share. Your trim looks like Pure since MSRP is so low, go with Essential AWD, higher MSRP but much better MF( 0.0001) and with lots of inventory. Search CarGurus, Some dealers are already 6% off, it won’t be hard to push for a few more points. Even with 6% off as it is, with 1000 loyalty, your 39/12k monthly is around $49x for MSRP 48K with tax and fee included.

Another thought is if you don’t want to spend time then hire @ralphsaphony, I contacted him before on QX50, it might not be appropriate to reveal his numbers but hint: he can do much better than 6% off.

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Currently my wife’s 16’ QX50 monthly is 499 and it’s high because of negative equity from her previous car she had financed

@Rrobles6 This is likely not the same region, but here’s an example of a vehicle with an MSRP of almost $53k ($13,5XX more than this) and 15k miles instead of 12 for $514/month after tax.

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Mine was in CA but the dealer should be able to do MUCH better on the discount

Yea it definitely didn’t feel right when he kept insisting that he got me under my current payment and that “they” were paying up the rest of the payments. Will be visiting a different dealer today

Once you’ve test driven the vehicle and are happy with it, don’t waste time going from dealer to dealer.

Do your work online, on the phone, or some combo of the two. Use autotrader.com, cargurus.com, truecar.com, and edmunds.com . I used those sites to “find” a car, and then used the dealerships website to “Get your ePrice”. This way, I figured they didn’t have to potentially pay the site for a lead, so I could save more.

Go here and find all the dealers near you. There are 8 in the Chicago area - https://www.infinitiusa.com/locate-infiniti-retailer.html

There is no way this included VPP because VPP is currently not available for QX50, also Essential leases better, i have an offer in Miami with loyalty for $44345 MSRP Essential for $390/mo tax included with first payment due at signing and free oil changes included, and if i can get this deal in Miami with their $995 dealer fee than you can do better elsewhere. I’m still going to wait for September or possibly October for VPP so that i can combine it with loyalty.

Yea I’m seeing now on the vpp website there’s nothing for the 19 QX50. This guy was trying to get over on me real bad. Thank you guys for all the help!

My goal is $350/month tax included with first payment at signing for the $44345 MSRP base Essential with loyalty and VPP once VPP becomes available