2019 Prices versus 2021

I know supply is extremely tight and “supply and demand is undefeated”, just found the difference in monthly for the equivalent car from 2 years ago to be shocking. 2019: XC90 R Design $559 per month. Same model/price 2021 XC90 now is right at $300 more per month for same terms! WOW!

For giggles, I priced out getting an e-tron today vs what I got in March, and it would be $4-500 more per month today than 4 months ago. Things are crazy right now.

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Same conclusion, but best to compare average deal in 2019 and 2021. Hacker deal in 2019 vs dealer quote in mid 2021 is just unfair… I know someone who paid a bit more than 2018 to get a better car. From their perspective, nothing has changed.

I was comparing hacker deals. 2019 deal I got using leasehackr information and 2021 deal was straight from a leasehackr broker.

That’s an insanely good xc90 deal! Even for pre pandemic standard!

I think everyone would agree today’s price is terrible. Can’t compare unicorn deal back then to today because there is no unicorn deal today based on LH forum standard :frowning: on a positive side, I hope savy LHers are able to find decent lease within $100 of expectation.

Can you explain what changed in the March e-tron lease vs. now? What makes up such a big difference?

Nah. The things were crazy then :grin:

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Different kinds of crazy

:sparkles: inventory shortages and rebates :sparkles:

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Nope. Now is normal, we got spoiled :point_up: