2019 Porsche Cayman national lease offer question

There is a current national lease offer for the 2019 Cayman expiring 4/1:

$69,400 MSRP
24 Months @ 5k per year
$5,989 DAS
$649+tax payment

I posted on edmunds and I got this reply for my zipcode:
.00149 MF and 72% residual

Question 1: What if the Cayman I’m looking at has a lower MSRP? It has $67,330 for the MSRP. Can anyone help me reverse calculate the payments with the lower MSRP? The HACKR calculator doesn’t have 5K miles as an option.

Question 2: I know Porsche’s don’t lease well, but is the current national lease offer at least “Decent” or is it still terrible?

Question 3: If the car I’m looking at has an MSRP of $67,330 should I try to take it down a bit before running the lease numbers?

Plan to get f’d because Porsche’s don’t lease well and they think they can charge all of it

You can get a 3 month welcome to Porsche incentive. Ask for it.

Cayman numbers actually look decent. .00149 MF and 72% residual (albeit 5K mi/year) is not bad at all. I think the Cayman generally leases the best of Porsche models

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You should be able to always do better than the national offer.

The number of miles in the calculator don’t matter, only the residual

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The MF honestly isn’t that high, but the payment is still pretty high with that DAS. Effective 830 /mo payment for 2 years on a vehicle with a 72% residual. Makes so little sense to me.