2019 Outback or Forester - suggestions?




I’ve noticed on Honcker that I can lease a 2019 Outback Premium for less (not much ) than a 2019 Forester Premium. Granted, the Forester has a new model for 2019.

But I’m thinking about rumors that the 2020 Outback will be way more different, like the 2020 Legacy. My lease ends in June, so I’m not in a hurry.

Should I wait more to see if better Outback leases come up? Not sure how companies deal with new models coming, i.e., until when 2019 Outbacks will be lingering around dealers.



There won’t be 2020 Outback until probably Aug-Sep, and there won’t be any deals on them for a while. I’d take the Forester over 2019 Outback, unless it’s 3.6. But even then would think long and hard.