2019 NX300 F Sport - Update: 12/16

Hi all,

Apologies for the quick feeler here, and I will update with all of the info as soon as I have it. Been doing some email quotes with various dealers in NorCal and SoCal for the NX300 F Sport. I’ve let each dealer know I am wanting to wait for the CarPlay versions to hit the lot before pulling the trigger. Was able to land a 36m/10k for 390 (tax included) with 1500DAS. Trying to get this down to 0DAS, but we’ll see. Took this offer to a few other dealers and was laughed at. Once I have more specifics on the lease deal, I’ll plug it all into the calculator and share. Just wanted to get a base idea to see if is should pursue or try another dealership.

Does this seem much for this car? It’s MSRP is 46,400 and they’d be bringing it down to about 42k.

These little things are selling so well right now and with carplay etc I think they’ll do even better so you might struggle to get a decent deal. If you can get to $390 with $0 down I think you’d be doing pretty well. Is that with MSDs?

No MSD so far on the deal. Just the 1500 total due at signing, and that’s it. I didn’t even bring up MSD on this one. Whoops!

Hi Fett. Can you share the dealer in CA that’s offering you this deal?


Hey all,

Wanted to update this as it’s been a while. After searching around, was finally able to find some dealers that would bite and make some offers. So far, this looks to be in the running, just wanted to get some thoughts.

This NX is pretty much loaded, and with AWD. Initially the models I was eyeing didn’t have AWD and some of these options, and were about $3k less. I feel this is a pretty solid deal, but please correct me if I am wrong. Prices show tax included.

this includes the 2500 rebate? If so, the discount could be better. It’s also an effective 500 a month NX300.

I don’t know how other NX300 are leasing at the moment, so hard to tell if this is par for the course.

Yeah, this includes the 2500 rebate. That down payment is the total drive off, so TTLR, etc, but I know they are tossing in a few hundred as a down as well.

What would you shoot for on the discount here?

Always shoot for 10 percent or more. Any double-digit discount is a great discount. The NX300 has been out for years now, I feel as if they can do better.

Nothing wrong with paying drive offs to cover TTL, but shop around until someone gives you 10 percent. So 4,900 discount before incentives.

Good plan. I am supposed to head in today to check the vehicle out. Will see if they can get to that 10% before the $2500. If not, at least I have a quote to work off of.

Will update a bit later today to see what happens.

Dealer #2 swooped in. Price shows tax included. Down payment includes TTL, etc just like before. Looks like they have a better discount:

This deal is worse. mSRP is 1,100 less than the first dealer offer and only a 10 dollar a month difference. The discount is less, May as well go with the first dealer.

Is the 1890 all the drive offs? I can help you get 48.6K MSRP for 419 with drive offs down and MSDs. I got this quote for a friend but he’s not ready to pull the trigger. You may be able to squeeze a few bucks on top of that.

Hey figured I’d share a deal with you that I just made. Going down to pick it up on Saturday.
2019 F Sport AWD
MSRP 45,068
Sales price before rebates: 40,068
0 Down payment
Paying 795 aquisition fee, 75 doc fee, tax and registration up front

Comes to 385/ month.

Wife wanted to be under 400 and currently pays 370 for a Ford Edge that was the prior model year when she got it so she is thrilled to get a much nicer car for 15/ month more.

Just wanted to let you know that an 11% off MSRP deal is possible and I’m in NY.

Good luck!

Pretty sure you’re trying to do this is SoCal. Just contact @GeorgeCSL and let him do the heavy lifting.