2019 New BMW X3 xDrive30i $550 $2392 DAS


**MSRP: $54,344
**Selling Price: $47,384 before credits.
**Monthly Payment: $550 (tax upfront)
**Cash Due at Signing: #2,392 + $3850 7x MSD = $6,242
DAS includes (first month payment, acquisition, DMV, doc, NJ taxes)
**Credit: $1,250 conquest and lease credit

**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF: 0.00142 after MSD
**Residual: 31,860

**Region: Northern NJ
Am I getting a good deal here?

I don’t think this is a deal at all assuming you buy it from NJ, essentially the math is:

506 + 3814 / 36 >>> 520 (1% of MSRP)

11% off is a decent discount from the MSRP. The issue is New X3’s don’t lease well in general, It would be wiser to look towards an Ex Loaner which would save you about $80.

Yes, I wanted specifically driver assistance plus package at this msrp. but no dealers have this configuration in stock. So I need to order new one.

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11% off on an order is even better of a deal. Usually dealers are more inclined to discount in stock new cars because everyday it’s on the lot it’s losing money. If it fits what you are looking for you have a decent discount, it’s the exact car your want, and no mark up’s on the money factor I would say pull the trigger.

Any one can give me an advice? I got the updated price.

What’s a fair price to get off MSRP for a 2019 X3 XDrive30i retired loaner?