2019 Mercedez benz C63 lease swap

Yup, there’s no “value” in an AMG other than the pure enjoyment of driving it. I had originally gone in to lease a c43 as it was more in my budget at the time, but the salesperson had me drive to the lot in a c63s to pick up the c43… which made the c43 feel like a Honda Accord in comparison.

That was it… I was hooked…He told me about the huge discount and I literally lost sleep thinking about the car until I leased it. Wouldn’t want to own one out of warranty though.

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I call it as I see it, you can see some of the posts in this thread… none of it helps the thread, it’s all either sh*tting over the details, not understanding the car, or not understanding the market. It’s pretty much like this in most of the high end lease transfer, it doesn’t help anybody.

I see value in a car as the enjoyment of driving it, that being said I’m not gonna go lease an m8 for 2.5k a month even if I can afford it no problem. Buying these Amg and M cars tends to either leave you in the hole after 3 years or you start to find that simple stuff turns into expensive repairs out of warranty.

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salesman’s trick, probably saw you on the fence and pushed you towards a 63 amg, they are night and day difference.

Oh totally salesman’s trick. It was funny cause he drove down the street to the gas station… then said, why don’t you drive the rest of the way. I knew exactly what he was doing but couldn’t resist.

That drive messed with my emotions… nothing like the crackle of that exhaust and the ridiculous torque. Like I said earlier… thing was an absolute beast.

Soft porn is unnecessary here, I think.

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The dark side, that is, palpatine. The salesman was probably like, “that’s right, let the 63 flow through you, boy…”

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As Rick James once said “an Amg is a helluva drug”

Oh it did… And all I could do was allow the hate towards the c43 grow inside me until I finally signed on the dotted line. I did rule the galaxy… er, uh, my neighborhood for a while though.

I did however, have to sleep on the couch for a while, lol.

100%, straight to the head.


Lots of miles to use but with 40 months on the term or whatever the exact figure is this gets a lot tougher to move. I’d suggest dropping the cash requirement but if you’re not in a rush maybe you’ll get some bites, who knows. Would also suggest dropping the photo of the side window which is reflecting your shirtless body…

Right. I have already suggested it just above :slight_smile:

I think the dogs face sums up everybody’s reaction to the shirtless reflection :rofl::rofl:

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Forget about the car, wonder if the dog can be lease transfer :rofl:

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This could not be further from true, and even if it’s true for a handful of gas blenders, it’s a pretty sweeping generality, and those are just not that useful in life.


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Thought you were referring to the deal :rofl:

@Ursus I thought you were referring to my quote:

I don’t think it has anything to do with people not understanding the car or what it is. Everything has a monetary value regardless of enjoyment. Albeit a bit outdated I understand the enjoyment of driving an AMG car (SL55 AMG) but it is only worth so much. To a lot of people this car doesn’t meet that criteria. You see the value, that is your criteria. As you said you won’t go spend $2.5k a month on an M8 - that is exactly what a lot are looking at with this lease. Frankly the monthly doesn’t seem awful to me, it’s more the down payment and lease term for me that kill it.

Nope. I didn’t tag you, did I? :slightly_smiling_face:

why is it when someone leases a maserati for $800 people start screaming m550? or when somebody posts a f150, ram, gm pickup truck offer everyone says tundra tundra tundra!

Generalized or not, there are a large portion of this forum that don’t understand not everyone wants X car for whatever reason, suggest what you want but if X person signed the deal be done with it. Like I said this thread is just a small example of the thread dumping that goes on. I get people should have the freedom to Express their opinion but it often seems like many people are misinformed or only look at everything from their own perspective (I’m right you’re wrong)


I suspect it’s because the main ethos of this site is maximizing value for your dollar, not that I disagree with your point. Even at half the price, I think a tundra is a poor value for the dollar compared to an f150.

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Fair points, and like I said I think op deserves constructive criticism, 3k dp is a no-no if your deal/monthly is above average. I’m not worried about term because of warranty but often times when driving these cars hard the tires and brakes don’t seem too last too long… which I guess feeds into term. Mb warranty is 4 years 50k but it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear.

For a 63 AMG this isn’t a bad deal at all, there are some positives and negatives (minus the 3k dp) longer term = more time with car but also have to deal with wear and tear items.