2019 Mercedez benz C63 lease swap

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedez Benz C63 Coupe
Location: Eastvale, CA

MSRP: $74000
Monthly payment (pre-tax):$870
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): $950

Current mileage: 3500
Maturity mileage: 48000
Effective miles per month: 1112
Maturity date: 07/12/23

MSD due (if any):0
Cash due (if any): 0
Incentive for new lessee (if any): 0

Financial institution: Mercedez Benz Financial
Transfer fee: $695 ( Paid by buyer )
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Excellent !
Text (626)523-3330 for more detail


I’m stupid, and I don’t know Mercedes, roast me please :slight_smile:

A non-AMG C63, ehh?


There’s no such thing as a non-AMG C63…

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I’m stupid, I don’t know mercedes, roast me please.

I’m stupid, don’t know mercedes that well, roast me please :slight_smile: I know when to admit I’m wrong.

Can you please upload more pictures of the car?

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Post window sticker

I mean c63’s are notorious for not having good lease programs to begin with. It’s a car you buy. I think this is a tough sell. Great car, though…and omg white cars are everywhere still

Never take photo for the the window sticker, but put the VIN

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Yeah this deal is trash

and who named you the most knowledgeable on amg leases?

well clearly you don’t know how good of a deal this is minus the 3k down payment.

:sweat_smile::skull: pretty funny

haha you’re a funny guy :sleeping:… this is an above average monthly payment @950, the mileage is better than compared to whats out there on swapalease… this 3k dp ain’t gonna fly here and will probably sit on swapalease as well. The rest of these guys have no idea what they are talking about (guy who doesn’t know a c63 is an amg/ guy who called this a trash deal) and then others have never leased an amg/ don’t know the market/ don’t understand how costly after warranty amg’s are (guy who says you should buy a c63)

Typical thread dumping and not a solid ounce of constructive criticism.


Yeah, I had a 2016 c63s sedan and loved the car. I did a 36/12 and I believe the residual was 45%… maybe even 44%… coupes are even worse from what I understand.

I leased it in January of 2017 and they gave me around 18% off. Even though the money factor was decent (not great) it was a horrible lease. I broke all the leasing rules… traded in my old car with 10k equity and the payment was around $800 a month.

Sticker was significantly higher, like 84k, but it was an S model. Thing was an absolute beast. Definitely miss it.

Residuals are realistic for the most part on amg’s, mf is “standard,” and no incentives. They know these cars will move so why incentivize them on leases.

Taxes could play a huge role in monthly payment, also this lease looks like a 42 or 48 month lease( not sure which one)

They are great cars, people on this forum are less enthuasist and more payment/deal oriented so they don’t understand that cars are more than just a transportation source from point A to point B for some people.

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Also, pretty sure the transfer fee is $695, not $500 btw.

Love the car, but honestly don’t see value in buying it either. But didn’t want to s all over op’s post. Sometimes if you really like car, you go for it. Can’t speak for anyone else, but you need to relax a little. Seem agitated