2019 Mercedes GLS 450 Low Mile, Practically Brand New

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes GLS-450
Location: New York

MSRP: $91,475
Current mileage: 11710
Asking Price: $71,000

Above market condition GLS, rare find

Can you PM me the VIN #?

VIN: 4JGDF6EE4KB225712

No accidents. Was a weekend driver for the wife not being used

Why would anyone on LH or the general market be willing to pay over market when you can buy a certified GLS with similar miles for the same or less?


My above market comment is the condition and quality. Good luck finding the same spec/msrp and mileage at a dealer. Their list is easy $76-83k

First result. $88k MSRP. A $3k MSRP difference (diminishing returns on high-MSRP builds) and a few thousand miles makes no impact on the 3 year old used market. 30 days listed with no saves, so not moving quickly. It’s okay if you have a “I know what I have” mentality, but be prepared for lower offers based on similar models for sale with a longer warranty.


The GLS isn’t being used or the wife isn’t being used? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Not funny or related to post


I think you quoted the wrong person if you meant to reply to @nyccarguy

no, i think it was meant for your comment telling OP that 3k over MMR is a pipe dream right now. another indicator of the market for these things is to just see what dealers are asking for them. Really the only dealer asking over 71k is ray catena, who has the luxury of holding inventory forever until someone stupid walks through their doors. ray also gets his used inventory for free in the form of lease returns…

Please closed, car already sold

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Closed at OP’s request.