2019 Mercedes GLS 450 $80K MSRP $570/month (inc. tax)

Hello All,
Just wanted to share my deal on this ex-loaner 2019 GLS 450 AWD with 3750 miles on it. This was in burbs of Chicago!!!

MSRP: $80,860
Monthly Payment: $569.46 (8% tax included)
Drive-Off Amount: $8620.27 (of which $6,500 MSD)
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00089
Residual: 52%
Region: Midwest, IL
Leasehackr Score: 11.6 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

The sales guy I worked with was great. Finance Manager very patient and willing to go out of the way to make my numbers right.


What a dreamy deal Iā€™m jealous and congratulations!

I just got 18% off a 86k gls @ 813/mon and thought that was pretty good. This deal is nuts

Bravo good work!

Which dealer? I want one as well.

Good work, you took them to the cleaners.