2019 Mercedes Benz GLC One Pay Lease


This is my first post to the forum, so if I break any please feel free to correct me !

I am a repeat Mercedes Benz lease customer and have had several through the years. I always have done ONE-PAY leases, and most recently I’ve done 24 month 15,000 miles per year. I am currently within the Loyalty Accelerator period and am considering re-upping to a 2019 GLC - MSRP of about $48,135. I consider ONE-PAY pricing from dealer quotes to be inclusive over everything - to include sales tax, dealer fees, titling and transfer fees etc. Tax is calculated in the state of VA @ 4.15%. So far, my best price has been $17,500 OTD. I am a PenFed member which should be providing about a $1000 incentive off the sale price. However I am hoping to do much better (around $15,000 OTD). One of my previous leases was for a $47,000 GLK which I lease for 24 months/15000 miles per year at a ONE-PAY OTD price of $15,000 so I think I am in the ball park.

Would appreciate any comments or other recent GLC lease experiences that might help me close a deal on a new GLC.

Thanks !

You can’t just make up numbers on what you think is fair. You need to know the RV, MF and sales price needed to calculate what is possible.


Thanks for the response - and I understand your comments, regarding the details of the RV, MF and sales price. All of that is used to get me to the OTD price that I like to work negotiate from. That said, I am basing my expectations of of some past history, and more importantly perhaps my budget for this lease. The bottom line for a lease that any of us initiate in the end is how much will this lease cost me out of pocket when all is said and done, which would be the best value.

Hope that helps better understand my perspective.

I don’t see the point of you even posting on here then if that’s your negotiating style. This forum is more for transparency and calculating lease numbers.


Interest rates have gone up and residuals have been trending down. Just because the GLK (which was not nearly as desired as the GLC) was $15K doesn’t mean this one will be.

Unless you have all the numbers we can’t help you. Good luck!

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Strange thread, this one.


I have noticed that mb leases are a little bit more than expensive now as compared to the past.

Thanks James, that has been my finding as well. Dealers have indicated that incentives are not what they once were.

Thanks and understood. I’m sure I can get those numbers, and perhaps be more able to communicate in the language of this forum. Regarding the GLK - it was a great vehicle, not sure why they replaced it so quickly, however the GLC is also a great vehicle, but I have to admit it the exterior of the GLC is much nicer to look at IMO.

I think you will be able to get a much better deal than you ever have been able to if you read up on how lease costs are calculated and peruse the forums for deals that have been had by members. At $15k lease cost on a 24/15 works out to $625/mo or $0.50 per mile (assuming you actually use all the miles). Not terrible for the general population, but I think if you do some research on here and use the forum for its intended purpose to create your own lease proposal with actual numbers, you will find that you can be well below what you’ve been paying on a sub-$50k vehicle if the vehicle discount/incentives/RV/MF align well. Or just hire a broker to do the work. Your loyalty to MB doesn’t mean as much as you think that it does and may work against you in negotiation.

If I was a dealer I would be salivating over a randomly generated one pay price request even moreso than a monthly payment request.

Want to know your total lease cost for a one pay lease? Research RV on Edmunds and recent deals on the same car on LH to figure out a realistic dealer discount, put all numbers including your tax rate in the LH calculator and add MF=0. The number in the “Total Lease Cost” field will be your one pay price.

Thank you Sabut - very helpful !

MF is never 0. You need to see what the buyrate MF is and reduce it by the one-pay reduction.


If money factor was zero on a one-pay, all hackrs would always do one-pay.

MF is how the bank is compensated for the risk of the lessor borrowing their asset for x number of months. Even if they get their money all upfront, there is still risk of them not getting their asset back. Therefore, there is still a non-zero MF.


Great info although I believe hackrs do non-one-pay leases for other reasons. Have you got an example calculation?

Well one reason is LOF, to be certain!

You will get the same result if you base it on the moon, tide, and which way the wind blows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses::crazy_face:

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Maybe I should base it on your a$$hole factor which seems to be steady at 100%. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps the asinine question prompted a sarcastic and witty reply. Not sure name-calling is the next logical step, but I’m sure you’re gonna make a ton of friends with your illogical feeling-based math.

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The math is only illogical if you do not really care about the bottom line, or if you prefer to be a mathematician as opposed to a deal maker. There is a bottom line total lease cost on all of these leases. I propose to feel out dealer OTD pricing from multiple dealers and find what is a sort of bottom for the market at the time, then press for more discounts from there. I would put my one-pay lease values from a total lease cost perspective up against any I’ve seen on here. I guess you might call me an OTD lease hacker of sorts. That said I am open to knowing and understanding more about the details used to get to the OTD prices I am typically quoted. Some on the forum have been very helpful and offered advice. Others tend to have a tendency to offer only sarcastic and less than helpful advice, thus the 100% factor.

Thanks to those who have been helpful. It is appreciated.