2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 advice

Would like to start looking at a CLA 250 lease towards the beginning/mid October. I know the 20’s are going to start rolling in soon so I was wondering if the best time to pick up a 19’ would be when the 20’s start hitting dealerships or earlier than that? Also what kind of deals can I be expecting, really aiming to be in that 350 range with 2000 DAS. Is this possible? Located in NYC.

Wait for the 2020 model! Interior will match the A-class and i believe the ext got some upgrades as well. Worth the wait for sure.

Problem is I definitely want something in the fall but under 400! 20’ CLA will be well up there until deals start coming out on it.

Have you looked the new a-class? You are just giving up so much on the 2019 CLA, wouldn’t advise it as it’s very outdated, both body-style and infotainment.

Do you think under 400 deals are possible on nicely equipped A220’s?

You can do a search on here to see what others have got, but from memory these are still not leasing very well.

Have you driven one? It seems a lot to pay for something that barely has any more power than a Honda Civic. I’d check out the BMW 330i as an alternative maybe?