2019 Mercedes A220 lease

Here’s the deal I’m being offered for leasing a 2019 A220 with Premium+Multimedia package.
36 month lease with 10000 miles per year.
MSRP: 38485
Selling price after discounts: 32904
MF after 7 MSDs: 0.00069

4000$ drive away payment
302$ per month with tax

I’m planning to reduce my drive away payment to 2000$ when I speak to the dealer next.

Should I go ahead with the deal?

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I really hope that driveoff includes MSD’s.

I’d still go for a 330i instead.


Electric loves his bmws. Op bmw is a better value , but sometimes the extra payment Bc of choice trumps value. I don’t find the new three series to be all that nice. But the again the a series has a lot of quirks too. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

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Did you get it? They tried to get me at 450 with 1k down looking to be 2k down 300-320

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hello all,

first time posting. I was offered a deal 2020 a 220 base model.
389 drive off which was the first month payment
389 a month, including CA tax.

no trades, 7500 miles a yr, 36 month lease.

go for it?

7500? Plan to drive that once a month i see.

Is it so hard to imagine that different people have different needs?

I just made my 15th payment and I’m at 5,800 miles.

This includes the 400-mile drive home from the dealership.

I have a current vehicle

10k miles, 36mon, 2018 c300 amg line, no navigation.

this one i got for 2k drive off which was tax, title, first month etc.
service loaner, 4k miles on it
$370 +tax california.

should I go for the a class?

As i said, plan to drive that once a month. 7500 is pretty much min drving . The pandemic did change a few things but next year it will spike back.

But whats the retail? For 389 a month sounds like retail?
I like you deal for the amg though, that is nice

We have no idea what OP’s commute looks like. If OP drives 10 miles a day (for work), 5 days a week for 12 months then that’s 2600 miles. That leaves plenty of mileage for doing other things throughout the year.

I think that’s what @trism point was.

There is nothing to “spike back” to. This is normal driving for me; the pandemic didn’t change anything.

I’ve worked from home since ~2008, except when my “commute” requires me to drive back and forth to the airport handful of times a month.

Aside from that, the car gets driven multiple times a week, but everything we routinely access is pretty close by.

Exactly. I’m not delivering for GrubHub.

Yup good old Leasehacker, I try to point out that 7500 is low, but instead of commenting on the deal, you guys jump on me for saying 7500 is low.

All I said is , wow 7500 I guess you drive it once a month. In the hopes to tell poster that Are you sure you want 7500?

How about commenting on his deal? Nope, commenting that some people can drive 7500 / yr or 20 miles a day.

I’m going to start telling everyone who’s considering 12k a year that they won’t drive that much.

Because that’s a lot of miles.

Starting to see a pattern with @forbs here. Find a new nonsensical hill to die on every week

Like this one

Yup, as i said the troll ignore a thread then jump in halfway to make fun of people. You might be a trusted hacker but still a troll

Still no posts about the guys deal, but lots of troll posts

  1. Make nonsensical comment.
  2. Get called out.
  3. Everyone else must be a troll.

Whatever man. Keep dying on this hill if you want to. I’m out.