2019 MDX FWD w/Tech, $478+tax

So I have another thread asking about an Atlas deal, but my wife has decided that she wants the MDX instead. How does this deal look?

MSRP: $50,695
Sale Price: $39,795 (22% off MSRP, includes $1000 conquest)
TMV: $46,396
MF: .0019
Residual: 55%
Terms: 12k/36m
Monthly: ~$478 + tax

$1500 DAS which includes first month, acquisition, and fees.

We’ll have to sign this weekend to assure that we can take advantage of the Acura-to-Dealer incentive of $6250. Unfortunately we still have our MB C300 lease to get rid of, which I’ll be posting to SAL today.

Should we wait longer?

Where you getting this deal? Doesn’t look right

Carlsbad dealer. What looks wrong with it?

Officially signed today, had local dealer match it so that we didnt have to drive 1.5 hours.

I updated the calculator in the OP (tried) to get the monthly payment and the drive-offs to match, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I cant get the “tax on cap cost reduction” and the “total lease cost” to match. Can somebody please verify?

Here is the contract:

I am new to the forum. I am looking at the following deal on the table for an MDX in Louisiana.

MSRP - 50,695
Net Cap Cost - 40,382.06
Residual value - 55% - 28,165
Gray with Espresso interior
3 year 36k mike
Money Factor .0022
Sales tax 8.75
Down payment is $1,036

It looks as if I can do better but Acura is saying that is lowest money factor they offer even with my high credit.

Check with the edmunds forum for the MF in your area. I’m not sure if the rate is the same nationwide.

Acura doesnt do MSDs, so you’re stuck with whatever they offer.

Thanks. The payment is $542. It just seems like I can do better reading the posts on the forum

Is this accounting for cash due at signing?

Yes, it includes the $1,036 at signing. I just had another dealer offer 529 mo with $1000 down but waiting for their offer in writing.

I am also turning in my old MDX as well and I am 23k miles over. I am waiting to see what they will forgive for signing new lease.

I dont think you should have to put anything down, just pay drive-offs. but wow, 23k over, lol.