2019 Mazda 3 Sedan Select lease Texas

I am looking in leasing a Mazda 3 Select package.

MSRP 23750
Discount 1750 (hail damage) + 750 loyalty

Residual 52%
MF in around 1%

They gave me 300 usd 36/12 with 0 down. This is for Texas zip 77002. They also have tax credit so tax should be around 1.5%.

Lease calc shows 270 with these numbers. From tax credit some amout goes back into registration.

What would be a decent lease rate for this car in TX?

What other sedan could I get in TX for under 300 usd? Civic EX and Accord EX were quouted 460 and 448. Dealer said they can go to 370 with the Accord. Hyundai Sonata SEL or Elantra SEL could be had with under 250, 0 down?

$300/mo on a hail damaged Mazda3 (yeah, hope that’s documented because you’re getting double dinged for that at lease end if not repaired) WITH tax credits in the deal?

Run away from this deal because it sucks harder than a Dyson. In fact all those deals quoted are terrible. Do some reading on the forum or just hire a broker for best results if you need the car sooner than later.

Actually MF should be 0.00001. I think they said this, same I have found on edmunds.

On hail damage they said they fixed them using dent popping, no respray.

But nevertheless, the price has no dealer discount and with their current variables payment should be in 250 are. Correct?

I have got an offer from a dealer for Select Base 36/12 (no hail damage) for 269, 0 down. With 750 Mazda loyalty this should go to 249.

Would this be something to consider? Even at 269, I don’t know what could be had for a lower amount. Maybe a Elantra SEL at around 200.

I don’t have price breakdown, but assuming that when I get face to face with the dealer, 269 still stands, this would be the brakedown
Leasehack calc

I got into a select for 265 at 15k miles/3 yrs, zero down. I had the extra 750 incentive for turning in a 16 Mazda 3. Love my new 3, so much improved over the old 3.

Go shop comparable cars. Despite not being well versed in the compact vanilla market as much anymore, I can tell you for a fact I would not pay over $230/mo sign and drive for anything in the segment that wasn’t a plug in hybrid or a full electric.

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I can tell you for a fact that this new 3 is not part of the compact vanilla market.

Vanilla: Non luxe or specialty brands.


I ended up geeting a white Select base with window tint and wheel locks, 36/12, 0 down for 255. This is from a different dealer, not hail damaged one.

I think is a decent deal, maybe I could have pushed towards 235, but since this price also relied on tax credit and all other brands we were looking wouldn’t budge under 300, we figured this was a great deal. Also compared to terrible deal for a Mazda 6 Touring I got in March for 550 36/20k (just moved in US back then and I thought credit score really matter. It seem that not if right now I got almost base MF of 0.00001).
Regarding the car, it is better touch and feel than the 6. And it is more composed and less noise gets in. Almost no engine noise inside compared to the 6. Better display, better rear view camera. Better brake pedal feel. The 6 has a crappy brake pedal feel. Less body roll. 8 way adjustable seat (even if manual). Better seats. Better synthetic leather. It is better than the 6 and that would seem impossible. I guess 6 design from 2012 shows its age. The only bad thing about the 3 is the interior space when using a rear facing child seat. I am at limit with driver chair and I am only 5’7" and something. Everything else is better in 3 than 6. Now I expect great things from the next 6 with rear wheel drive and inline 6.

The interior in 3 and 6 is ages better that the Nissan Maxima. We actually were inclining towards a Nissan Altima SV/SR which was nice, but asked 2 dealers and the wouldn’t move under 300. Actually funny thing their initial default offer included a 24 month, 1000 deposit with 750 per month for a car with a MSRP of 25700 which had dealer additions (including 299 option for nitrogen tyres, 399 floor mats, sau 999 protection) that got the car to 28000.

Was a 36/12, 250 ish, 0 down lease realistic for Altima?

Mazda is really the only company putting in significant effort into their sedans, everyone else is mailing it in. The 3 is an excellent car, personally I wouldn’t consider anything else in the segment.

Window tint and wheel locks…

You paid for this? In any case, enjoy your car.

They said they are throwing that for free, car didn’t have tint and wheel locks. I am sure I have paid for it somehow. For example they said residual is 49% although from edmunds I remember I saw 51%. Dealer said 51% is for 36/10. Invoice was 20800, 1.5% tax with credits. Residual 11900.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, but you seem satisfied with how you did on a car you wanted and in the end that’s what matters. :sunny:

Can you let us know what dealer you went to? I would love to replicate this deal.

Russell&Smith. But don’t base your assumptions on that they will give you the best deal. We just approached all dealers in Houston via their web page than continued with text/phone. They all started with quotes like 400 a month for 36/12 for Preferred model. Some dropped to 300-ish when we called for breakdown. Only this one got under 300, but maybe they were trying to get their quota. Also you have to ask if they still have tax credit. We payed 1.5 tax instead of 6.25. And we got 750$ Mazda loyalty (for having a Mazda) + 750$ Mazda 3 Upgrade (without owning a Mazda 3). I guess they can play with their incentives how they want (if they want). The discount wasn’t so big, around 8 - 10%.

Thank you!