2019 Macan Lease

I’m new to this. I’m looking to lease a Macan and received this quote for Chicago (60610). I’ve seen a lot of posts about Porsche’s not leasing well. I’m trying to figure out if this is the best I’m going to get for a 39/10. Trying to stay below $590/mo (everything included). I’d love to lower the drive off, but not sure how much lower I can go. Drive off includes taxes and fees.

Thats a weak discount on a 2019. Push your search out using cargurus. Looks like about 6K is possible at least in the Delaware area. But you know porsches dont lease well so even with the extra i dont think its possible. Gotta pay to play with Porsches. Some cars just dont do it, not even an SQ5 is possible for that amount with Chicago taxes in the price.

Heres some new 2018 with deep discounts maybe you can buy.


Maybe look into loaner X3M40i?

Thanks! I figured it might be a tough go. I’m also looking at the Jaguar E-PACE and MB GLC 300.

Hello everyone! I’m in So.Cal. I was offered the following on a 2019 Macan S at a $74,355 MSRP.

36Mo. $899/mo incl. taxes, $4000 total drive off. I realize lots of details are missing. Would love some high-level advice on this deal. Also considering a Volvo XC60 Inscription. Will share that deal on a different post. Thanks!

A Volvo especially a loaner will lease better than the Porsche. Id save the money and get the Volvo. Heck I’d get an Audi SQ5 rather than the Macan S for way less than that.

Well look at a GLC350e as theyre leasing pretty cheap. You could get that for less than that price with no money down (search the forums).

I haven’t seen any great lease deals on an E-Pace but maybe @Bostoncarconcierge can give you more insight since hes the Jaguar/Land Rover expert.

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I don’t Broker Porsche but this is a recent offer I received

It was through US Bank and not Porsche

Good comparison for you as it’s a higher MSRP and lower DAS


How many miles is this lease? I heard US Bank can be difficult at lease end.

I have been shopping a 2019 Macan in New York for a couple weeks now. Almost every dealer is offering 10% discount off the bat. Many are into the 12% range and the top I have now is 14.5%. 15.3% will get me to my goal of $499 per month NYS tax (8.625%, first month, bank fee due at signing ~$3k)
This is all through US Bank. I have heard some bad stories but for sub $500 per month I’ll take my chances.
10k miles per year, 42 months.

2020’s are sitting in port and Porsche won’t release to dealers until 2019 units have been more depleted.
Keep pushing for a much larger discount. No incentives offered at this time.


Yea, I’ve heard they have a new program through US Bank that makes much more sense on the Macan’s.

I know all preferences are personal, but (going in and hoping it would be a match) I found the GLC350e VILE - the GLC300 actually drives much nicer. I ended up leasing an XC60. They aren’t comparable IMO.

The RV/MF are better but read other posts here about US Bank leases. YMMV

HI, I am relatively new here, can I get some expertise and advice on the Macan lease below:

MSRP: $62k
discount 12% off
42 Month
6.75 tax
$599 month
$3K DAS includes first month’s payment
Don’t have the MF yet


Well we need the money factor to make sure its not marked up and residual.

I would push for 15% off the Macan, like some of the other Macans I’ve seen on Cargurus. It wont be easy but I know some dealers in the MD/DC/VA will try to bite.

I would take that $3K and put it into MSD’s rather than money down to lower the MF even further.

Also, you probably already know porsches lease terrible. See who its leasing through, I heard US Bank may be the better way to go. Have them check both (US Bank/VWFS.

Also, check 39 months as residual will be higher rather than 42 months.

Is this with US Bank? Or PFS??

Hi everyone, first timer here. I am in socal and was offered this deal.
2019 macan 3k down 650 (tax included) only the first maintenance included 36 months 7500. Also looking at the velar and FPace but will post that elsewhere. Also US Bank. Hopefully this picture loads with all the info. Also posted this elsewhere but this thread is newer so figured I’d try.

Volvo XC60 T8 is such a nicer car imo…

I’m sorry man, that car does not handle like a Macan. Not even close! volvo just does better as far as electronics. they add a lot more features but Macan buyers usually buy them cause its probably one of the best handling SUVs out there.

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That Volvo doesn’t compare to the macan.