2019 M5 Competition - shopping time!


Hey all,

I’m in impulse mode again. Looking to possibly get in to an M5 Comp. A local dealer has a one I’d be down with. MSRP is 124,595. Waiting on the money factor, residual. The initial sale price was communicated as 118,462. Wouldn’t call it a deal by any stretch of the imagination, but hoping to get some work done on this one.

Anyone seen comparables that they’ve worked on recently or seen on other forums? Would be much appreciated. Here’s the info I have so far:

MSRP: 124,595
Sale Price: 118,462
MF: Unknown
Residual: Unknown

This is what I got as my first encounter: 2371 cash due, 10/36, 1971 a month

Waiting on a response to my request for mf, residual, MSDs (I have another lease with MSDs, not sure if eligible because of the time gap).

Thoughts? Guidance?

Why wait, the mf and residual are right here

Simple math.
You are paying over 73k to drive 3 years for a 125k car

I just stumbled across this! Awesome, thanks. I’m seeing 55% residual and .00177. What I just got back from the dealer was .00217 and if I do 7 MSDs, it will lower by .00049. Seems way off based on this.

@intel8l not sure I asked for math help here. Just comparables. Well familiar with leasing.

You did ask for thoughts. So I’d be less snarky with people who do what you ask.

I don’t know how familiar with anything you are, but you can finance $118k for 60 months for $2100 so the lease makes ZERO sense in any manner.

I didn’t post to have a pissing match friend. Easy, now. There wasn’t snark in their original comment?

Simple math.

Come on… take it easy.

I’m aware the lease makes zero sense! That’s why I posted, to see if I can get some comparables, opinions.

Wouldn’t call it a deal by any stretch of the imagination, but hoping to get some work done on this one.

Thanks for the financing details, I’ve seen a lot of 60 month 2.99, so the lease definitely doesn’t make it worthwhile in the current offer.

Ok. We will all run out to BMW dealers and get comps for you.

Or you could use the search function.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum! Try running the numbers again with the same selling price, but base MF of .00177 and MSDs.

You’re a doll, you’d do that for me? Thanks!!

Talk about snark. Yea dude, I’m using the search function. I’m looking on bimmerpost and calling other places.

This one got sideways quick

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not sure how :slight_smile:

thanks @michael

This is with no MSDs. You can adjust with the drop-down menu:

Doesn’t include sales tax or registration, because I don’t know what it is for you in IL. You can input that too.