2019 Lexus RX350 Premium- 27/12k 510 (~470 pretax)

2019, Lexus, RX350, Premium Package, navigation package, blind spot, moonroof, wood sterring wheel, towing package, 100 miles on the car,

MSRP: $55680
Monthly Payment: $510 (tax included)
Drive-Off Amount: $1500
Annual Mileage:1200
Residual: 57%?, They told me 36 month is 51%
Incentives: 5250 + 1000 Graduate
Region: norcal
Sorry I didn’t get all the details like selling price and fees. There is still some wiggle room, but I feel the price is good enough for me.

What is the discount before incentives?

On paper it looks decent for the RX350 but without these we can’t really provide much feedback.

27 months? I’d hate to have to pay an extra year of high CA registration fees and only get 3 months out of it.

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Shouldn’t that residual be closer to 58% for 36/12? 51% for 36/12 seems wrong.

The 51% is correct, LFS adjusts the RV to be substantially lower when they increase the Lease incentives, that way it balances it out for them.

I don’t mean to self promote but I believe this is better:

Interesting, does it end up in literal balance? Like you get the incentive, but pay for it with the lower residual?

Its a marketing tactic, most customers will see the higher lease cash incentives and think they are getting a great deal not realizing there are more components to the monthly payments. In terms of the balance, it should be pretty close. Would need to take a deal and measure the incentives from previous months.

By no means I believe this is a great deals. Just want to share the numbers here.

TBH, it is more of a lesson to me. I gathered some numbers I saw on the forum and rushed to the dealer to lease the car. Family’s only car got totaled :frowning: I didn’t think about the carplay or the car registration and regretted already.

Anyway, I remembered the selling price is 6000 discount plus or minus 100.

it’s not a terrible deal. Based on my experience from last November you left about 2K on the table. i got the exact same RX like yours for my wife plus an RX f sport for me. you can extend your lease by 6 months so you can technically get 9 months out of your last year’s registration.