2019 Lexus RX 350 F Sport (NorCal)

With MY20 out figured I’d test my luck on the remaining 19s that are out since I qualify for 6k in incentives. Reached out to a local dealer regarding a 58k MSRP RX F Sport.

From the start the offer I received was 11% with buy rate MF. After a few emails back and forth, they came down to 12% off. I am wondering how much more room I have. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Here is a link to calculator:

12% on a lexus what I’ve seen, after a lot of negotiations. You may get lucky and get a 13% but I honestly doubt you will find more room

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Yeah that’s what I’ve seen as well. Thanks @boozinix

If you try really hard you can probably get up to 14-15%. At least that’s what I got last year around this time.

@cezar9 that is what I’m hoping for just don’t know if they’ll bite. Do you recall at what price point you started your negotiations?

Mine is about 58K MSRP. It’s 2019 and I got it late November or very early December so technically the equivalent of getting 2020 now. I don’t remember my exact discount but I believe it was at least 15% before incentives. Out of about 12 dealers that I contacted 2 agreed to give me that discount but one of them offered it on the 2019 model which made a great lease because of the higher RV. Almost all of them were okay selling the 2018 model at 12% discount so this should be your bare minimum.

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You may want to double check the plan

Granted I am not familiar with programs in your area so take this with a grain of salt

The RV on the 2020 is much higher. Lease cash in your area is most likely lower.

If you can get 11% and base on a 20, I think it’s worth running that through your calc.

Just keep in mind the F Sport and F Sport Performance ( if you decide to run the comparison ) have different RVs

Man if you can get 11% on a 2020 I’d be extremely impressed. Not sure what dealership is willing to discount so deeply unless it is a broker with deep connections. I was happy with the 9%, coupled with the 27 month promotions and 750 loyalty, could yet 526/m for 36/10 term.

I really don’t know the market in CA but it’s doable on the east coast. I wonder if it’s in part due to the massive competition (saturation of dealers)

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I agree with Bostoncarconcierge Definitely look into the ‘20 model. When I did my deal I got a lower payment on a ’19 f sport than on a regular ‘18 with 2K lower MSRP. One thing to keep in mind if you want to buy it at the end of the lease the 2020 will probably cost you about 3K more than the 2019 model so your hidden cost is at the end of the lease.

@Bostoncarconcierge the lease cash is 1750 + 750 for loyalty. If I can find a 20 for 11-12% off I would gladly take that. However, I figured with the 20s out the dealers would be very aggressive with trying to move the remaining 19s.

Sure thing. My only suggestion is to look at both angles.

Discount and lease cash on the 19 vs a higher residual on the 20. Thats all!

@Bostoncarconcierge exactly how I’ve been looking at it. My logic is if 14% off 19 or get 11% off the 20. Again appreciate the feedback.


Reach out to Sam Santoso at Keyes in Van Nuys. I was working a deal for 2019 MSRP $62k 13% off plus $6k in incentives. As of Sunday he had a Nebula Grey with black interior. Wife wanted Apple Play so we got a 2020.

That guy is a complete d*ck. I ended up beating their price but was ready to pay a few bucks more and do a deal with someone else. Keyes offered me one deal then backed out, then told me over the phone that they would honor another dealer’s quote and backed out again, then offered me another deal and backed out for a third time.

I’m sorry to hear I didn’t work out for you. I had a similar experience with Cerritos. They said they would match a deal and backed out. I felt I got a good deal since my wife changed her mind last minute. I got 13% off a $58k RX with a $490 payment. Hope it worked out for you at the end.

Can you give me details on your deal? Looking for the same exact RX

The deal Emgomez got was posted here 2019 Lexus RX350 F Sport AWD $515 a Month $400 Down

Any good deals on the RC 350?